Should Argon build a DAO module for the Cosmos SDK?

The Cosmos SDK may be particularly suited for DAO implementations using the Object Capability (Ocap) Model. The Inter-blockchain Communications (IBC) Protocol currently under development by the Cosmos community will be based on OCap. This will enable secure routing of messages across cryptographic networks.

Ocap is a control and concurrency model based on the principle of least authority, which is implemented using robust composition. Ocap provides a powerful permissioning mechanism that traditional Access Control Lists cannot achieve. This is an important technology advance for decentralised systems, which builds on 30 years of research and experience, led by Mark Miller and colleagues.

Aragon smart contracts have been implemented using a traditional identity-based security architecture where access is granted based on the ability of the sender of a transaction to authenticate their public key identifier. Identity-based security architectures have been shown to have specific, significant flaws. These architectures are also restricted to specific network domains, so unstoppable organisations on Ethereum are only unstoppable on Ethereum :wink:

The key concept of OCap is that scopes of capabilities can be controlled at a granular level, which produces highly secure computation (including secure smart contracts - see Agoric). Capabilities can be transferred and securely communicated across systems, as invariants with promises that achieve concurrency, even when communications are asynchronous.

Using OCap within smart contracts enables transfers of electronic rights. Essentially all transactions are defined as transfers of rights. This is a powerful paradigm - especially in the context of decentralised governance operations.
I see DAOs as being all about defining electronic rights to achieve system governance, control and operational autonomy and recently published an article about the idea in Cosmic Rights.

Developing a Cosmos SDK module in Go is really straightforward and the Cosmos team has recently improved the developer experience. See this tutorial. Building an Aragon Cosmos SDK module could allow us to evolve the next generation of DAO mechanisms, with Object Capabilities.

For an overview of the Cosmos architecture check out this presentation from Sunny.