Should apps created by the Aragon Core team be included?

TLDR: what is the :carrot::carrot::carrot: size?



:arrow_right:Case 10: “Voting App”:

:arrow_right:"Voting App" forum thread: App Mining Submission: Voting

:arrow_right: Aragon apps:

:arrow_right:A1 finances:

:arrow_right:Posted on 9th and 10th May:

:arrow_right: Posted on 16th May:

You have my data point.

If your intention is to get new developers on board, then 100k ANT is a sizeable amount. However, if it is divided among the core apps that were already paid for through other measures, then I need to hustle elsewhere…


There was some brief discussion about this back when the program was being designed but also an open invitation for further discussion:

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Thank you @light, I’ll post in the thread you’ve mentioned: App Mining Updates and Discussion

In the meantime preserving the discussion from the Discord.