Season 0 Metrics Masters bounty reports

Hi everyone,
During S0 there were some important priorities:

  • Analyse data needs within the DAO
  • Understand how to get and present the relevant data
  • Start to use data at more scale within the DAO

As a result the bounty holders have worked to fulfill these priorities. As a result we have developed a few documents, dashboards, utilities, spreadsheets and other documentation that we wanted to share and increase awareness with everyone.

A lot of the output was placed within Notion and we have come to realize that not everyone had easy access to these documents. So we thought it would be a good idea to share them here too.

- Analysis and Map
Over the period of Season 0 we have conducted a series of interviews and conversations with key members of the DAO in order to evaluate, map and propose the data needs within the DAO. Furthermore, based on this information we created a stylized map detailing the different structures, the areas of data needs as well as “blue spaces” which are data gaps that need to be addressed. This lead to a prioritisation process of what is feasible and important for season 1.

The results of this process can be found here:
AN DAO Data Needs

- List of KPIs, Sources and Dashboards
We have also developed an extensive list of deliverables which we are validating with all the squads and guilds as to the KPIs they need monitoring. Please access this detailed view here: KPIS for AN DAO Squads

- Accessing more data and using it in the decision making process
Data is often a complex beast and many people may not have enough experience with interpretation. Therefore we have already started to have meeting with the working groups (Community Experience) to support the creation and understanding of the Metrics. We intend to roll this out to as many squads, working groups and guilds as necessary. The concept is to join their working meeting, help to develop the metrics, develop further metrics within the Data and Insights Squad and then deliver a presentation using our future interactive dashboard. This will aid in training the stakeholders so that in the future we will require less support and the Data and Insights group can focus on DAO wide updates to performance.

In addition we have also worked on some Data Exploration processes and these can be found here:
Metrics Master Work delivered

Please com talk to me or one of the other bounty holders if you have questions/comments.

Best regards,
Fabs and @julija and Sammie