Season 0 Bounty Holder Feedback

Hey Folks, I hope all of you are doing well. I am posting some important insights from the feedback received from 16 contributors who held bounties during season 0. A form was designed after Season 0 to capture the feedback and sentiments of the contributors. The form was largely designed to record the comfort of contributors from 1 to 5 regarding various factors. A few Yes/No questions were also added to get sufficient insight. General feedback and subjective questions were asked as well.

Please Note: I have prepared a summary based on the original responses. You can access the original responses here.

Background: In January 2022, the team brainstormed and started looking for ways to engage the community. This was an important step for the AN DAO to make it more contributor centric and identify leaders so that the team can rely on the community members to lead impactful projects and help Aragon grow.

Bounty Board Mission: Various bounties were created to engage community members and reward them fairly for their work to help AN DAO grow. The bounties aimed to fundamentally impact the AN DAO in the following ways:

  1. The division into Season: To streamline operations, functioning and timelines within the AN DAO, each year is now divided into seasons containing a few months. Each season will act as an independent phase which will be like a stepping stone to meet AN DAO’s ultimate purpose.
  2. Deliverable and Purpose Driven Community: It is important that all actions, projects and initiatives taken within the DAO serve a common purpose within the community. It is important that all primary and support functions are set up to deliver a final outcome/product.
  3. Reward Contributors: The satisfaction level of a community is the backbone of its success. Hence, bounties were set up to recognise, structure and standardise the work being done while ensuring that contributors feel adequately compensated.
  4. Set-Up Basic Infrastructure: For any DAO to function smoothly and efficiently in a decentralised manner, scalable operability beyond the involvement of core contributors is necessary. Hence, it’s important that the new methods employed help in creating a sustainable model for AN DAO to operate. Hence, various squads, guilds and working groups were formed.

Bounty Board & Tracker:

In total there were around 27 bounties to be allocated. We received over 40 applications and allocated 25 of the 27 bounties. The bounties can be found here.

All the work done during Season 0 has been recorded by bounty holders in the bounty tracker. It can be accessed here.

Some Key Insights:

  1. Majority of the contributors found it easy to navigate the bounty board and a large number of applicants also indicates the same. Interestingly, in Season 1 the process is being revamped and DeWork will be used for bounty allocation in order to increase the reach and track the work in a more efficient manner.

  1. Majority of the bounty holders found the bounty allocation process clear. In Season 0, many bounty holders also got the opportunity to experience the process for the first time. Hence, a simple allocation process was key to the Season’s success.

  1. The responses with respect to clarity in roles have been mixed. This is an important insight as a fair number of contributors have indicated that they did not have 100% clarity with respect to their tasks after the first week of bounty allocation. Season 0 was the beginning of various activities so perhaps this was a shortcoming which should be addressed in Season 1. The bounty allocation process in Season 1 is a lot more decentralised as each squad/guild is setting them up independently. Hence, the core contributors will be instrumental in defining the bounty roles clearly.

  1. Majority of the contributors have indicated that they spent the same or more number of hours on the bounties as compared to the hours originally mentioned in the bounty board. Contributor satisfaction and transparency is key for successful bounty submissions. Hence, time commitment must always be clear when the bounties are allocated.

  1. Majority of the contributors have indicated that they were neither overcompensated nor overcompensated for their bounties. Healthy reward structure is important to attract the right talent.

  1. 50% of the bounty holders who responded were members of the AN DAO Discord server prior to bounty allocation. Hence, it indicates that AN DAO server had played a good role in attracting talent. With the use of DeWork and institution of an efficient Growth Squad during Season 1, it is expected that more talent will be attracted from outside the discord server.

  1. This question was deliberately added to understand whether the bounty holders are aware about Aragon as a product. Majority of the contributors have stated that they know what Aragon does.

  1. We received 13 responses for the question, ‘How did you evolve the bounty/activity?’. Here are some interesting responses:
  • I expanded the bounty into a large role which has a DAO wide impact with transparency, scalability and operations at its core.
  • Started by gathering feedback on what was needed from the DAO members, together with some of my own observations about what was needed in the DAO
  • Through engaging the bounty holders in the experiments, shared training materials, observed their behaviours and run a survey, with a final report.
  • Getting familiar with the processes, researched the pain points or points to improve
  1. We received 15 responses for the question, ‘What have you learned from the bounty/experience?’. It can be observed that for many contributors this was the first paid opportunity within the web3 ecosystem and working with Aragon has certainly provided insights about the DAO ecosystem. Here are some interesting responses:
  • DAO is the means to an end and not an end itself.
  • Collaboration is the key to a bounty.
  • How Aragon DAO operates and how to function in it is my main learning as I had no clue on how AN DAO was structured at the start. Also learned about the financial problems a DAO encounters and about the payroll in a DAO
  • I have learned how to be comfortable in an uncomfortable space that I’ve never been in before ie. Discord & DAOs. It was a learning curve trying to figure out what my job should be and how I could do it in a way that was authentic to me.I’m used to working in a different work environment where I have clear instructions and tasks. I learned to trust myself, to be inventive and to take initiative. I also learned that in the work environment I can be quite introverted at first, so next season I would like to engage more on the discord channel & not be afraid to start conversations
  • I have learnt how to navigate through several DAOs to understand what solutions they offer and how it can help Aragon out
  1. We received 13 responses for the question, ‘What questions/doubts did you encounter?’. Many contributors had doubts regarding metrics for evaluation of bounties. Contributors also want to know more about the DAO’s mission, its products and its revenue structure. Some contributors also had doubts regarding their tasks and the application of their expertise in the web3 space.

  2. We also had a few questions regarding specific processes and suggestions for improvement. Here are some interesting responses:

  • Templates and frameworks for standardised process are good. How to create a proposal, reporting templates, meeting agenda & minute templates, meeting and communication guidelines.
  • Can not standardise the creative process so “organise notion” have yet to see this type of guidance adhered to because we all have different means of communicating.
  • Documentation requires ongoing maintenance, it’s an overhead and should be minimum viable documentation only for the DAO. As needs for standards present investigate and document only if they can be standardised.
  • I think aragon should work on exposing more people to the idea of DAO’s especially the way it can be able to do things in real world. Like starting a bussiness together, or other scientific research projects…etc
  • I think the interaction between the DAO and members especially new members is not adequate enough, we may need a presenter bounty holder, who appears in videos, to interact with members.*
  • This survey is good. Think of a survey where audio could be part of it, if somebody feels more comfortable with it.

The responses will help Squads/Guilds to understand the contributors. The insights provided are important while designing an efficient bounty system. Season 0 was just the beginning and a few key issues have been pointed out. I already see a lot of issues being resolved by guilds/squads during Season 1. Metrics should also be a key focus during Season 1. Season 0 has certainly been successful in identifying leaders as many core contributors in the guilds/squads during Season 1 were bounty holders during Season 0.

While going through the responses, I personally understood that the feedback form was fairly broad and the scope of the questions should be narrowed down for the next feedback round. Please feel free to give feedback and discuss the valuable insights obtained through the feedback form.


Hey Lion, nice work on this! Pulls great insight from the S0 bounty experience, and highlights key areas to improve on for S1. There seems to be some room to improve the quality of the experience for bounty holders. Also, after speaking with some of the guild leads, there is room for improvement on the management of bounties and these bounty holders. It seems guilds are becoming overwhelmed with the number of applicants and are forced to spend too much time onboarding and communicating with candidates for those bounties. Additionally, each working group seems to have its own independent strategy for managing their bounties & bounty holders.

I am in the beginning stages of building an onboarding & offboarding system for bounty holders to:

For Bounty Holders:

  1. Ensure new contributors have the context, resources and support they need to be successful in their role and deliver high quality work.
  2. Ensure contributors are professionally onboarded & offboarded, having had a positive experience working with the AN DAO they can share with the crypto community.

For Working Group Leads:

  1. Save working group leads time from onboarding/offboarding tasks such as responding to applicants, screening/vetting, teaching the basics crypto/web3/Aragon etc.
  2. Bring cohesiveness to the onboarding/offboarding process across all AN DAO working groups.

Building this onboarding/offboarding system could serve as a direct solution to the following survey feedback:

  • “Many contributors had doubts regarding metrics for evaluation of bounties. Contributors also want to know more about the DAO’s mission, its products and its revenue structure. Some contributors also had doubts regarding their tasks and the application of their expertise in the web3 space.”
  • “I think the interaction between the DAO and members especially new members is not adequate enough, we may need a presenter bounty holder, who appears in videos, to interact with members.”
  • “Can not standardise the creative process so “organise notion” have yet to see this type of guidance adhered to because we all have different means of communicating.”


I am currently in the process of gaining context from our working group leads as well as other DAOs as to how to move forward with the best onboarding/offboarding system and have received some great feedback thus far. Would love to share thoughts, Lion! I am leading onboarding with the Community Experience squad and am happy to assist with implementation.

If anyone else has any ideas for this bounty holders onboarding/offboarding system please share below and connect with me on Discord!


Cdogg - Onboarding



Thank you for the insights @lion917, really useful.

Especially the feedback about having an aligned mission as a DAO is interesting, and should have, in my opinion, priority to improve first.


Thanks, let’s meet and discuss this. We will have @anukriti10 here as well.

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