Scout analytics tools

Here is the second proposal to support the data analytics needs for Aragon team. You can find the first proposal (funded) here.

To cover the ongoing cost before the AGP vote in July, we’d like to ask for 800 usd/month if paid quarterly or 900 usd/month if paid monthly for May, June and July.

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Luis, Jorge, Brett, Luke, and John to address the growing needs of data analytics. We have been producing over 30 charts under two dashboards:

We have also made good progress on the self service tool. Although most of charts are still being created by us today, you can already start using Scout self service tool to create charts and dashboard yourself.

For example, you could create a real time dashboard to monitor the AGP votes. The screenshot is an example of charting voting results in AGP42 (voteId=14)

The experience at this moment is still quite clumsy and you need to have quite a good amount of knowledge in smart contracts in order to do it. But we will definitely improve it over time.

One thing that I promised to do but haven’t had time to do is to write a post to share our learnings of Aragon protocol, such as what specific transactions or internal states we look at when defining metrics. So future developers who are interested in this area can benefit from our learnings instead of starting from scratch.

The good news is that we have a mini “Aragon protocol explorer” for those who are interested in digging deep into the technical side:

If you want to see transactions of a specific DAO say “murziki”, here is a hack:

Don’t forget to use the “Filter” button next to the search box. It will make your life easier.

That’s about it. Any visualization which can’t be done from our UI at this moment, we will be gladly do it from our end in a timely manner. The price will remain the same for the rest of year if Aragon team enjoys continuing working with Scout team. We might switch to a usage based pricing model next year after learning more about the usage patterns of our current customers this year. If that happens, we will give Aragon team at least 3 months notice in advance.

More about Scout:


Hey there,

Nice proposal!

At AA we’re thinking about proposing a shared pool of capital (common to all Flock teams) which could be used to finance such ‘infrastructure’ expense (this is still a WIP). I think given the current situation for scout, CFDAO funding could be a reasonable bridge to ANV#3 so you guys can keep functioning. Obviously, all the above is still conditional to voters approving each respective proposal.

If you have time to do some of this before next AGP I’d be eager to learn from it!


Hi community, what is the next step?

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Hey there,

As you’ve received some feedback (and a least no negative feedback :wink: ), what you can do now is to create a proposal in the CFDAO calling to withdraw the requested amount of funds.

You can do that here and create an action vote:

Available if you need clarification on anything!

Thank you. Do you prefer paying 3 months altogether (800 usd/month, total 2400 usd) or month by month (900 usd/month)? Totally up to you.

That’s the community to decide. But I’d say 2400USD once sounds better, both because its cheaper and because it would avoid creating a request each month!

Feel free to link the vote here once created :slight_smile:


Vote #9 is created. Sorry, I forgot to include the link in the title of the vote.


Hey @huangkuan,

Just saw that the vote you triggered in the CFDAO was a signalling vote and wouldn’t withdraw any funds.

In order to get funds you need to create an “action” vote rather than a “question” vote. This can be a bit misleading when it’s the first time, sorry for that. You will have to recreate a vote in order to get funded.

Available if you have questions!

Oh ok. That’s what I see when I click action vote.

If you go finance app and try and make a transaction to your address, it will prompt you to create the vote.

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Ah I see. Thanks. Totally forgot how I did it last time. :sweat_smile:

It’s done now.


Just sent a request for withdraw

Can you clarify what time period the past payment of 2400 DAI was for and, the time period this most recent request is for?

I requested a withdraw today and I am not sure why the date says 31/05. If I had to guess, that’s the date I created the Vote?

I have not requested a withdraw of that payment before.

Ah I am SO sorry. You are right. The withdraw already happened on 5/31. I used a different wallet address without even noticing it.

I thought I only created an action vote and didn’t notice it also involved withdraw. Sorry, it’s an honest mistake.

How do I cancel the vote/withdraw request? Or you can just simply reject it?

No way to cancel, but we can just vote no. Thanks for clarifying!


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Great thanks. Sorry about that again!