S1 Governance Transparency & Key Dates

S1 schedule for governance proposals, events and meetings and reward allocations. This post is subject to weekly updates to provide a quick reference point for S1 governance activity and key dates. Feedback welcome.

Recent Updates

CIP 0-2 Voting LIVE

Post, Our friend @Zeptimus from TEC has provided forum posts to help inform our ability to use the Commons Config (Aragon version) to inform our understanding of the delegate-enabled Tao Voting DAO. This series of forum posts are intended to support the communities ability to experiment with the voting parameters as they apply to the demo approved by ESD here. The parameter parties and debates will be schedule across multiple timezones mid-late August

Support Required
Vote Duration
Delegate Voting Period
Quiet Ending
Vote Execution Delay
Deposit & Challenge Amounts
Settlement Period

Active Governance Proposals

Day Date UTC 0 Proposals Cadence
Wed 6/15/2022 CIP 1 Discussion 30+ Days
Wed 6/15/2022 CIP 2 Discussion 30+ Days
Wed 6/22/2022 CIP 0 Discussion 30 Days
Thu 6/30/2022 EOM Report dGov Monthly
Thu 6/30/2022 EOM Report ESD Monthly
Thu 7/22/2022 CIP 0 Vote IPFS Voting Now: 14 Days
Thu 7/22/2022 CIP 1 Vote IPFS Voting Now: 14 Days
Fri 7/22/2022 CIP 2 Vote IPFS Voting Now: 14 Days
Thur 7/28/2022 CIP 3 Discussion 30+ Days
Mon 8/1/2022 EOM Report dGov Monthly
Mon 8/1/2022 EOM Report ESD Monthly
Mon 8/1/2022 EOS Report ESD Season 1
Mon 8/1/2022 S2 Proposal ESD Season 2
Fri 8/5/2022 CIP 1 Vote Final 24hrs
Fri 8/5/2022 CIP 2 Vote Final 24hrs
Fri 8/5/2022 CIP 0 Vote Final 24hrs
Wed 8/31/2022 EOM Reports dGov Monthly
Wed 8/31/2022 EOS Report dGov Season 1
Wed 8/31/2022 S2 Proposal dGov Season 2

Another view of governance transparency here. Please note the above table is governance focused, it does not include non-governance proposals. Comprehensive tracking of S1 forum activity - discussions and proposals here

Main DAO Financial Proposals

Team Voting 7 Days Approved USDC
ESD - - -
dtech V1.0 - - -
Community - - -
Eagle Ops - - -

dGov Events & Feedback

Day Date UTC 0 dGov Learning Events Cadence Asynch Feedback
Wed 6/29/2022 Campfire: Trust Monthly Pol.is Survey
Wed 7/6/2022 Workshop: S2 Proposals Monthly Miro, In Progress
Mon 7/18/2022 dGov AMA: 1Hive Monthly Recording
Wed 7/27/2022 Campfire: Rituals Monthly Pol.is Survey 1 2
Wed 8/10/2022 Workshop: S2 Debrief Monthly Discord
Wed 8/24/2022 Campfire: Collaboration Monthly Pol.is Survey
Mon August TBD dGov AMA: TBD Monthly Recording
Mon August TBD TAO Voting Param Parties 3 Timezones Recording
Mon August TBD TAO Voting Param Debates 3 Timezones Recording

Governance Meetings

Day Date UTC 0 Goverance Meetings Cadence
Mon 6/27/2022 ESD General Bi-Weekly
Mon 7/4/2022 dGov Tactical Weekly
Mon 7/4/2022 ESD Office Hours Monthly
Mon 7/11/2022 dGov Tactical Weekly
Mon 7/11/2022 ESD General Meeting Bi-Weekly
Tues 7/19/2022 dGov Community Call Monthly
Mon 7/25/2022 dGov Tactical Weekly
Mon 7/25/2022 ESD General Meeting Bi-Weekly
Mon 8/1/2022 dGov Tactical Weekly
Mon 8/1/2022 ESD Office Hours Monthly
Mon 8/8/2022 dGov Tactical Weekly
Mon 8/8/2022 ESD General Meeting Bi-Weekly
Tues 8/16/2022 dGov Community Call Monthly
Mon 8/22/2022 ESD General Meeting Bi-Weekly

ESD Office Hours and dGov Community calls are open to all community, other meetings are tactical team meetings which are recorded, visitors welcome. Check out the discord calendar to RSVP

dGov Rewards

Day Date UTC 0 Funding Cadence
Wed 6/15/2022 Advisory Circle -
Mon 6/27/2022 Community Circle July Open
Mon 7/4/2022 Advisory Circle June Closed
Fri 7/15/2022 June Payments Due Monthly
Mon 7/25/2022 Advisory Circle July Opens
Mon 8/1/2022 Community Circle July Closes
Mon 8/1/2022 Advisory Circle July Closes
Mon 8/15/2022 July Payments Due Monthly
Wed 9/15/2022 August Payments Due Final dGov S1

@MathiasAragon is it possible to set this as a banner please for governance transparency purposes please?

Thank you for the dates @lee0007 this is helpful.

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CIP 0 2 VOTING LIVE: Ends August 4

TAO Voting Summary
Forum Reference all Post here

Current Indicative Governance Scheduling beyond S1 : July - October 2022