S1 ESD Strategic Development Funding : Nominations

Nominate $2000 to reward @eaglelex as per the ESD Strategic Development Funding

For additional compliance work to review the CIP 0 Historic Versioning to ensure the Charter version 1.1.0 meets compliance requirements in advance of voting currently proposed to begin 22 July.

@eaglelex advice will be posted on the associated forum post and included in the final proposal format. The vote will not proceed in the current format if legally substantial changes are identified during the review.

We discussed in the ESD General Meeting 220627 that senior contributors should post these requests themselves. But personally, having struggled for months ourselves to finally reach a Main DAO vote, I sympathise with the need for support for funding requests.

We have the funding secured for this purpose, and simply need to have each other’s back.The ESD members have received our limit of funding via this mechanism and in several other cases where senior team members have been rewarded this funding, they also were nominated.

@fartunov @daniel-ospina


+1, great initiative

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CC @Ricktik6 for inclusion in the July 15 payments please

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