Running the dashboard locally on rinkeby

Hello everyone! Amazing project.
I already created my DAO, which is up and running here.
I am trying to run this dashboard locally on my computer. I went through all the setup and run of the react app but It couldn’t really connect to wss:// as Ethereum node. I tried to put there a Infura link, which at least let me log in with my wallet in the dashboard, but beside that whenever i try to do anything else I get plenty of “Uncaught (in promise) Error: [ethjs-rpc] rpc error with payload errors” in my console. Any ideas?

BTW there are some things still unclear to me:
I am always supposed to connect to wss:// Or am I right trying to connect to another provider, in my case infura?
Am I supposed to fill the variables in the .env.sample variable? How?

Thank you