Reward Courts

This world currently has (almost) no just courts. People and organizations have wrong amounts of money. There are sometimes people that die of hunger or underfinanced projects and on the other side moneybags that do nothing good or even much evil. Not everytime somebody underfinanced dies of hunger, but even despite for example Linus Torvalds already has like $150M, it would be more just if he had more than his bad counterpart Bill Gates. We need a mean to pay underfinanced people or projects enough amounts of money, without requiring somebody to withdraw this money from their accounts harming themselves to help somebody other.

And this can be done with crypto: Just mint money to underfinanced persons.

In the context of this project, I call somebody who mints money, “a court”. A court could be a person or what is usually better an organization ruled by voting, etc. Because no single court can be just (unless he is God), we need multiple courts every one having its own set of tokens. The idea is that tokens of “good” courts become valuable and bad courts’ tokens diminish. If a court loses reputation, another court could take its place. This is the most democratic (and this most effective) way of spreading money we can conceive now.

This idea has many different (good) use cases:

  • People who did good deeds for free (example: it would be more just if Linus Torvalds would receive not less compensation than Bill Gates).
  • Victims of violence or cheating. This is especially true for victims of discrimination because there is often no single body to blame who would pay the compensation.
  • Everybody should be given some token on the mere foundation that he is a human and should have human rights. Note that this is not quite traditional UBI with all its deficiencies, but more like special money to give people rights they miss.
  • Money to accomplish some important project. (Consider, for example, helping Linux to take over Windows and millions of other projects in need of money. Traditional foundation grants can’t because they have together very much too little money.)

For example:

  • Reward of open source products and ideas
  • Give crypto for everybody in the world
  • Money to poor countries
  • Anti-war funds
  • Helping to resist global warming (donate to solar power plants, for example)
  • Etc. Etc.

So we produce money out of nothing and give it to those who should have it.

I have already developed a ERC-1155 smart contract to do it! See here for the technical details of the idea. It is basically a directed multigraph of courts that may trust other courts entirely or on a limited amount of money. Every court has its own set of tokens, but tokens of different courts have a common property and can be “transferred” (“converted”) between courts.

What remains to do:

  • Debugging/Testing/Security audit.
  • We need an Ethereum smart contract (that would call the above-mentioned contract I developed) for voting. It can be done using Aragon.
  • We need dApp around that voting contract to allow to use it easily.
  • Advertise the project.
  • “Hire” the judges.
  • Put our tokens to the exchanges.

That’s all. After this, we have another world.

I need money to pay for the above!

I could even accomplish much of this myself, but I do not know how to create the initial infrastructure of the project: directory structure, testing, CI. I don’t, for example, know whether to use or not OpenZeppelin, whether to use GitLab or BitBucket, how to do testing, etc.

So I need help in at very least the first item of the following list:

  1. creating a basic directory/build infrastructure for a testable Aragon-based project, containing also an (already written) non-Aragon smart contract, deciding which Git server to keep it on and deciding on CI; 2. debugging/testing/security audit of the non-Aragon smart contract; 3. developing a voting Aragon app around a non-Aragon ERC1155-based smart contract with not so complex API. 4. Advertising.

Please: 1. advise me on how much money I need for this; 2. donate; (3. volunteer, just submit pull requests).

Any help? Any advice?

Don’t forget to read our wiki.

Alternative description of this project written by another person to be more understandable (edited by me):

Reward courts project will reduce world monetary injustice by giving money to someone who has less money. Using Ethereum blockchain allows anybody to create a “court” that could reward anybody other with an arbitrary amount of crypto. Users of crypto can choose currencies of which of courts they they want to use so good decisions would become influential.

Some of the laws the courts may follow include:

  • giving money accordingly to supposed importance of their future use

  • give money accordingly how much a certain person or organization already accomplished

  • give money accordingly on the degree of injustice to a certain person or organization in the past
    either give money accordingly to the absolute harm:

  • give money in such a way to spread them equally between different recipients

Also, we should create alternative courts or alternative tokens that would give money either to the leader personally or to his organization if he or she leads an organization.

Some work that has already been done include

  • creation of The main Ethereum smart contract (ERC-1155) but It needs debugging/testing/security audit.

We need an Ethereum smart contract (that would call the above mentioned contract) for voting. It can be done using Aragon.

We need dApp around that voting contract to allow to use it easily.

We need to advertise the project.

Finally we need to welcome/hire judges.

Some changes in the contract are planned:

Some changes improve interoperability with existing or future ERC-1155 apps. Some changes add new functionality (1. accepting transfers to a reward court and the possibility to burn tokens to make a court able to act as a token exchange (for transition from one token to another token if needed); 2. court should be able to hold tokens of other courts just like regular wallets).

This is voting for confirming the vote #26 to send 1470 DAI for Reward Courts project. Vote yes, if you agree that you should have voted for for #26.

I was blamed for tricking the system by violating the rule that AGP-10 proposals must be announced in a forum thread. In fact, I didn’t violate any rules:

How to make proposals to the Community Funding DAO:

no hard requirements are defined in AGP-10, but here’s a process I suggest proposal authors follow

Suggest and no hard requirements.

I am blamed for violating rules, but I violated a personal suggestion by anteater that is not a requirement.

Nevertheless some community members blamed me for violating the rules and tricking the system. As such I am going to make voting about this issue again. I will either just ask the question or request a transfer of a small sum (like 0.0001 DAI) as a confirmation (re-voting) of the previous vote.

Please vote for and confirm the transfer that already happened. Please vote for even if you otherwise voted against, because transferring money back would incur significant transfer fees (I already put some of the money in the bank, etc.)

If the voting will be negative, I am going to return the money. Please note that I can’t return right now, because I am short of money and already spent some of the received sum.

In accordance with that “suggestion”, I am going to announce this new voting in this thread as soon as I post the issue for voting.

Note that this vote is not about whether I violated the rules (again, if you vote against, I am going to return the money, for the incident to be nullified), but about whether you agree with my previous vote to transfer 1470 DAI.

Because I was blamed for rules violation (I don’t agree with that statement), I request re-voting vote #26 of transferring to me 1470 DAI to support this project.

Please vote yes to avoid fees related to transferring money back-and-forth.

If you vote no, I am going to return the money.

See this forum post for details.

Note that this vote is not about whether I violated the rules (again, if you vote against, I am going to return the money, for the incident to be nullified), but about whether you agree with my previous vote to transfer 1470 DAI.

I’m curious, why didn’t you follow the suggestion, as every other proposal ever made to the CFDAO has?

The Crypto Reward Courts project is in active development. Now I am developing among other the DAO template, Judge app, and other things. As I said higher in the thread, I conceived some easy to implement changes in the core contract.