Request for Funding: AN DAO Gitbook 1.0

Thanks for the comprehensive reporting from last month’s research. Great to see the wealth of insight this surfaced for the projects.

Is there is governance section that this would fit better under? I am averse to the idea of incentivising proposals as a means of reward, and feel like including them under reward mechanisms aligns them along that line as opposed to their place in the DAO (decentralisation of) governance process.

I would love to see a series of facilitated community workshops to progress this work and re-establish the Manifesto as a guiding set of values for the AN DAO journey

Look forward to seeing Gitbook v1.0, on the understanding that it would not need to incorporate all the current feedback within the next month. Agree, stewardship of this documentation should be ongoing and expect that subject matter experts will arise so that its upkeep is an ongoing, collaborative undertaking.

Nice statement of purpose
Thanks for modelling the DAO way in the development of this documentation


Thanks for the report Renzo. This seems to be progressing very well

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AN DAO Community Handbook March Update

@lee0007 @daniel-ospina @fartunov

We are thrilled to share the final step of the fast and intense journey to deliver the Aragon Handbook. Through this three-months initiative we explored the DAO to know how to simplify complexity to new joiners. Then we developed the material and structure of the handbook, connecting with the community to gather its feedback and input.

While doing it, it was noticeable how the fast growth and evolution of the DAO already made necessary updating the material. For this, we believe the handbook should be continuously developed as a tool for self-discovery of the DAO and its exposure to the community, involving different “regions” and experiences of the AN DAO. With the release of this first version of the handbook we invite DAO members and the wider Aragon community to help us with the further evolution of the handbook.

March deliverables

  • Based on the medium fidelity prototype, we completed the second loop of research and translated the community feedback from the March Interviews;

  • Publishing of the first official version of the handbook on Gitbook:
    Please note that link might not be ready as we write right now. We will share an update as soon as the official domain will be activated. For this specific task, special thanks to Brent, Carla and Mathias for their prompt support.

  • Collaborative writing experience: a blog post about the Handbook and team culture.

Observation: During the Gitbook design process, it is relevant to highlight the ongoing evolution of the community in terms of tools, growth and structure, specially with the end of season 0 and the start of season 1 This implies continuous adjustment of the research findings and the need for iterative feedback.

March activities summary:

  • The recurrent team meeting occurred 3 times per week to share and discuss progress and reviews;
  • Planning of high medium prototype testing and interviews with four Aragon members across the whole community;
  • Connected with multiple members to assess final documentation edits information (e.g. DAO2DAO);
  • Set a design process to perform the second interviews loop (Notion and Miro board);
  • Sorting, clustering and analysis of interview notes (Miro Board);
  • Elaboration of feedback insights summary;
  • Prioritisation of recommendations and design decisions;
  • Development of the structure and of the handbook on Gitbook;
  • Planning of open joint meetings with the Community Experience (onboarding) squad;
  • Planning the publishing and distribution of the Gitbook.

The usability testing of the AN Community Handbook: 2nd feedback loop

Based on the previous report and feedback loop, we have intensively embedded the input and crafted the official handbook. The method we applied is concept and testing prototype.

With a second feedback loop, we tested the high fidelity prototype asking questions to validate the previous design decisions. Specifically we articulate questions to investigate how to improve our focus on the following objectives:

  1. We wanted to address a reinterpretation of cultural values and how to generate a cohesive community approach.

  2. We wanted to bring clarity on the reward systems, and how to make the journey to get compensated more accessible.

  3. We wanted to lower the barriers about understanding of working groups and guilds activities and how to join in.

  4. We worked on the product description and presentation to make it as easy as possible to digest, with a less ‘marketing’ and more ‘user centric’ language.

  5. We enhanced the importance of supporting a personal experience along with emotional aspects with step-by-step journeys.

What we’ve learned.

The vital importance of the Handbook legacy: if the Aragon community wants to embrace consistently better coordination, the handbook should be constantly maintained and updated with the collaborative community presence.

Next steps

  • Expand the learnings of the handbook initiative with the formation of the Learning and Experimentation squad, to be part of the People Guild;
  • To publicise the Gitbook and expand its accessibility with a video Loom as tour of the Gitbook

Open workspaces

  • Notion - Handbook Initiative workspace
  • Miro - Research plan and timelines
  • Notion - Collective writing blog post

The monthly community call to share our design research process and listen to your feedback is planned on Friday the 8th of April from 4 pm to 5 pm CET. Look forward to it!


Good work folks

Would be great to also see a future proposal for maintaining this :wink:


It’s LIVE! thank you for opening with Video. I’m on page 1 and already hooked,

ESD General Meeting Monday 4 April UTC 1900: Unanimous agreement to complete funding on the release of a LIVE Gitbook You totally delivered team! well done.

Although not in any way subject to the funding of this proposal we would love to hear

  1. Where and how this document will be shared across the community
  2. How it will be refined and maintained ongoing, ideally within ongoing workstreams.

Look forward to hearing more from this team. Please share a link to any future proposal here

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@Sixto5 I’ve already added this to the Start Here on Discord. This is so awesome, great work @Sixto5 and @luizfernandosg :slight_smile:


Congrats to the team on this. It looks fantastic and we all appreciate your outreach across the community that has led you to this great outcome.

To @lee0007 point am very interested in how we keep sharing and raise awareness on it - can’t wait to see it shared more


Thanks @Shawncubbedge - That’s a good initial place on Discord to let the community delve into it.

Thanks @lee0007.

For now, we will definitely pin the Handbook in the DAO Academy channel, we will share this on Twitter through the Aragon channels.

In the next proposal, we will develop processes with ongoing workstreams.

Thanks @daniel-ospina!

We surely want to expose further the legacy of this document.

Thanks @b3n - Hopefully, we aim to expand the flow of co-creation to empower the community as much as possible with the Learning & Experimentation proposal.