Request For Comment - New forum organization proposal

With the upcoming launch of the Aragon Network, now is a good time to take a fresh look at the way the forum is currently organized and think about how the forum is currently being used and will be once the Aragon Network is live.

At a minimum I think we’re going to need new forum sections dedicated to the Aragon Network (mainly for governance) and Aragon Court (since after the launch of the Agreement app there will :crossed_fingers: be more court cases to discuss). We might also anticipate visitors from more parts of the world, so a dedicated category for non-English language threads could signal that we are welcoming to speakers of other languages. And for the existing categories, I can see many that are not in active use or could be better served elsewhere (such as the Aragon Wiki) and so we may want to create an Archive category to move any threads that don’t fit into the new categories.

Here is my proposal! If there are no strong objections by the end of the week I will go ahead with the reorganizing.

The structure is:

Category - Category description

  • Subcategory - Subcategory description

Aragon Network - A decentralized organization fighting for freedom

  • Proposals - Discussions about Aragon Network governance proposals

Aragon Court - A dispute resolution system for online communities, governed by the Aragon Network

  • Disputes - Discussions about Aragon Court disputes
  • Proposals - Discussions about Aragon Court governance proposals
  • Technical - Discussions about building on Aragon Court

Community - What’s happening in the Aragon community

  • Events - Discussions about Aragon-related events (meetups, webinars, conferences, etc)
  • News - Discussions about Aragon-related news (articles, announcements, etc)
  • Questions - Ask the community anything about Aragon

Organizations - Discussions about organizations #PoweredByAragon and how people can get involved. Organizations can get their own sub-category if they want to use the Aragon forum to organize their community.

Product - Discussions about Aragon product usage and development

  • Builders - Discuss ideas, ask questions, and collaborate with the Aragon design + development community
  • Guides - Documentation and tutorials demonstrating how to use Aragon products
  • Requests - Share your ideas about new features you’d like to see in Aragon products
  • Support - Report and get help with any issues you are having with Aragon products
  • Use cases - Discussions about real or potential use-cases of Aragon products

Research - Discussions about research topics relevant to the Aragon community

  • Economics - Discussions about token engineering, game theory, and political economy.
  • Governance - Discussions about governance models, voting mechanisms, and related topics.

Global - Discussions in languages other than English

  • Español - Spanish language Aragon community
  • 中文 - Chinese language Aragon community

Meta - Discussions about the forum itself (feedback, questions, bug reports, etc)

Archive - Categories no longer in use

  • AGPs
  • App Mining
  • CDAO
  • Nest
  • DAOs in the Wild
  • Getting Started
  • Aragon Apps
  • Aragon DAO Templates

Is it possible to integrated google translate or other translate systems into the forums so the community doesn’t get split through languages? Like in We-chat where you can select your language and no matter what language you speak you can communicate in Mandarin or other languages. So all discussions in one place. Thats very important in my opinion.

I’m not sure how WeChat works, but I think it would be quite expensive to run a translator on the forum server-side especially as the forum grows in size and we add more languages. However visitors can of course use a browser-side plugin to automatically translate any web page they visit.

It is fairly standard for forums to have language-specific subcategories, so that’s what we can do for this first iteration. As much as I’d like to keep everyone in the same conversation it might not be feasible today without some work by each individual reader and poster.

I was thinking about something like this

Yeah Discourse has something similar:

it seems like it might be doing some intensive server-side work but I might be misunderstanding how it works.

yes probably you are right. lots of server costs.
but perhaps its possible that people have to click on a button “translate to …” then the thread gets translated and then those get stored on a server and get fetched if someone wants the same translation again. If someone edited a post then this should be detected and replaced. this is complicated i agree. perhaps some day discourse community will develope something like this. perhaps aragon can create a crowdfunding capaign for discourse community to fund the most requested features :slight_smile: so it gets faster

Pardon the dust – the re-organization is complete :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think!

I would also suggest considering creating a separate ‘Activism’ category, as it was done in Discord or a subcategory under ‘Research’. Of course, there is little life there yet, but over time, I admit, this fractal could "eat up everything":thought_balloon:

as requested!

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you have questions in Community and in Meta. I would call Meta --> Forum (Meta) or something more clear or just move it into Product under Sub-category Forum

Thanks for pointing that out! I moved the incorrectly categorized posts into the correct categories. Not sure how they got posted in Meta, possibly just a mistake by the authors or a mistake during re-organization at some point.

I think Meta category description is pretty clear, no?

Screenshot_2020-09-17 What are the effective ways to encourage the crypto community in non-profit dao activism

yes its clear but not stupid clear haha