[Request For Comment] AGP-1: The Aragon Governance Proposal Process

Back in 2017 we first introduced Aragon’s Community Governance Model and Aragon Governance Proposals. Since then we have had many discussions among active contributors and community members about how to evolve and formalize our governance model as we move closer to launching the Aragon Network on the Ethereum mainnet.

Following on these discussions, we would like to formally introduce the first draft of AGP-1: The Aragon Governance Proposal Process.

We invite all members of the Aragon community to take part in the public comment and review of the AGP-1 draft proposal and help us shape its final form ahead of the next Aragon Network vote. This thread is the “official” feedback thread where I’d like to concentrate discussion, but you are of course welcome to share your feedback in whatever venue you’re comfortable with. Just make sure to share your feedback with me so I can take it into account during the editing process.

The public comment and review period starts today and will end at 00:00 UTC November 9, 2018.

After a final review by the Aragon Association Board of Directors, AGP-1 will be scheduled for an Aragon Network vote including all ANT holders that will start at 00:00 UTC on November 15, 2018. A post will be published on the Aragon blog to let everyone in the Aragon community know all of the official details about the vote before it starts.

Please share any questions and feedback you have and help us make history with the new Aragon Governance Proposal Process!

A final note: the release of this first draft of AGP-1 coincides with the opening of a new AGPs repo so that we can start with a clean slate under this new proposed model. We are putting a hold on all activity in the existing aragon/governance repo and plan to archive that repo if AGP-1 is approved in the upcoming vote. Authors of AGPs in the archived governance repo who wish to maintain their proposals will then have a chance to migrate them to the new repo using the process outlined in AGP-1.