RentingApp / RentingDAO

an App where people can rent out stuff (=anything you can rent) and the people who rent it mine tokens in the DAO which owns the rented stuff and is controlled by the token holders. to rent stuff the user needs to purchase the rentDAO token from a bonding curve and pays for the stuff. If stuff gets leased the stuff get a % of the users tokens in the repair contract in case the stuff needs repairs or other help. another % goes to the investment wallet where token holders invest and buy new stuff. and the last part goes do the earnings wallet where token holders get staking reward.

everyone can put in new stuff for renting and mint tokens if the token holders approve the stuff.

for example an aritst can crate art and sell it to the dao in exchange for tokens and then rent it out to the fans which earn tokens by renting it.
a collector has a big art collection and want sell shares.

for that topic related oracles/custodian are useful which update the status of the stuff