Record Keeping for Finance App

Is anyone working on a way to record or export the transactions made in the Finance app for bookkeeping purposes? I was hoping for some sort of “export to excel” or “export to csv” or some similar functionality for the transactions created in the Finance app, for taxes or other accounting purposes. Having human readable identities in the “source/recipient” would also be useful here.

I suppose the case could be made that you could use etherscan and then something like coinbooks, but it might be convenient to have something that works more directly to create reports.


Hi @DSimpier, I was thinking about improving the bookkeeping but wasn’t sure if there’re any users for that. Do have a use case? How did you run into this idea?

Hi @MaxSemenchuk !

Thanks for the reply! I do, in fact, have a use case. :slight_smile: We are using Aragon with Althea to run a decentralized ISP in Clatskanie, Oregon. Our group is organized as a legal cooperative and we would appreciate being able to utilize the finance app information for our bookkeeping and yearly taxes. We would also like to produce financial reports for transparency to our members and at board meetings.
Human readable entries is also very important.
I’d be happy to chat further if you had any questions.

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Having a way to export to CSV from the frontend, or even linking to a more technical guide to run a script to get the CSV from on-chain data, could be quite useful as we make the Finance app more powerful.

I’ve added an issue in the aragon-apps repo to keep track of this :).

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