Receive Assistance for your Aragon DAO by Claiming Tradable NFT tickets

Hi everyone!

I am testing these NFT tickets for Aragon DAO adoption:

24 tickets available for testnet DAO creation:

20 tickets available for mainnet DAO creation:

I created the tickets on Rinkeby so that people don’t have to worry about high ETH gas fees on mainnet.

The XDAO token is for free testnet DAO creation while the MDAO is for paid mainnet DAO creation.

The tokens automatically appear on the OpenSea marketplace and any unredeemed tokens can be resold. Thus, for instance, if you claim one testnet DAO ticket for zero cost, if you don’t need it, you can resell it on OpenSea at a price you determine to someone who needs the service.

If I connect the stores to a Stripe account, the tickets can be sold for fiat as well.

Let me know what you think!

Also, DM me if any of you want to be on the DAO Consultants list for accepting paid DAO consulting assignments.