"Reasonable" LAO incorporation model on top of Aragon

Hi there Aragon community. I am Pepo, founder of the Underscore Protocol, a collaboration framework inspired by Git, but adapted to work with ideas instead of code.

However, I am not here to talk about the project itself (will do that on another context soon) but about its registration as a legal DAO in Vermont, USA, following the “Reasonable” incorporation and fundraising model.

We will use Aragon as the DAO infrastructure, and we will need to adapt it to fit, as best as possible, our particular needs.

I am writing this post to share the “Reasonable” model with you, and because we would like to receive feedback from Aragon experts about what would be the best way to implement it on top of Aragon infrastructure.

There are two short documents about the model:

“Reasonable” Why and How (Medium Post)

“Reasonable” Spec (Includes the requirements for the DAO infrastructure)

As you will see from the “spec” document, there are requirements that, from what I understand, are not directly available from Aragon UI, such as creating multiple mintable tokens per DAO, and others which might not be currently available at all, such as the veto power of a DAO on another DAO, or the redemption of tokens in exchange of DAI.

The incorporation process already started with the help of an experienced law firm from Vermont and should be concluded soon with the registration of the incorporation articles and the deployment of the DAO.

Finally, in case you want to learn more, there is a draft document that needs to be updated, but that has some diagrams that help visualize the whole process.


This is so cool! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Its awesome that you like it! @burrrata

Do you think we could receive some help from someone of Aragon Association in the process of seting up the DAO? I understand it will require using the aragon-cli and we are not familiar with the tools.

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Happy to help! Will read through the linked posts and then we can hop on a call to figure out how to move forward. Just sent a DM to schedule a meeting :slight_smile:

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Sketched out what the Reasonable Model embodied in an Aragon DAO might look like. If it looks good then we can create it on Rinkeby to test it out, or we can go back to the drawing board with another design. Look forward to talking soon :slight_smile:


Great talking today!

Updated the model based on our conversation today.

Here’s some info on the Aragon mechanisms we’re looking at using to build the Reasonable DAO:

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