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r/EthTrader now has a fully functioning dao and it’s own ERC20 token, DONUT, with a distribution based on contributions to the community. A counterpart, non-transferable token, CONTRIB, also records this contribution, immutably, on-chain.

r/EthTrader is backed by an Aragon DAO – what does this mean?

r/EthTrader’s Aragon DAO is made up of interacting, upgradeable, and infinitely extensible apps. It is a decentralised, self-sovereign entity, not reliant on any single hosting platform.

But this community doesn’t just have a dao but also, thanks to an unprecedented collaboration, integrations from this Ethereum dao into the most important and popular community platform on the web, Reddit.

What you can do

What next

I would love to continue to build out features that leverage donuts within r/EthTrader and make these features also available to other communities. The real contributors to online communities should have the say in how these communities are run and how to maximise the value they provide. This is only possible with Ethereum and projects like this that leverage Ethereum to change how we interact with the web.

What would you like to see built?

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