Questions from an Aragon newbie

Hi, I’m a new developer looking into Aragon.
I’m trying to understand if there is a cost to use Aragon for my token’s community. If so, what are the costs and where can I find out more about that side of things?

Does Aragon have to be built into the code of the coin from the beginning or can it be added later?

Also, where can I find someone that can handle the coding for us if we decide to move forward with Aragon?

there are cost if you have to use the ethereum network so when you create a dao on ethereum or you transfer tokens to different eth addresses. You don’t have to pay anything to Aragon for doing this.
You can use the upcoming Aragon voice I think for free. It’s a platform where token holders can create and vote on proposals without having to pay anything (no transaction costs)

I am not sure. I think it is possible to create a token first outside of Aragon and then create a DAO in Aragon and link the token to the DAO.

Perhaps there you find an expert:

Great, thank you for your answers.
Will Aragon work with tokens created on the BSC?
How does Aragon produce profit, or is it just from the growth of their coin?

I think BSC is not supported but i guess Tendermint/Cosmos chains will be supported soon, no info just my speculation.

You need ANT to become a guardian of the Aragon Network. Its a dispute resolution system similar to Kleros. Also with ANT you can create and vote on Aragon Network Proposals. Perhaps there are more use cases for ANT but thats all I know. Check out Aragon Govern this will go live soon. There is not so much info on the website but perhaps to get a glimpse of what is coming. These article are perhaps also helpful.

Thanks for the info and links Mouyou!