Push Notifications

Hi , new here … very exciting stuff very impressed.
So ive created a DAO and wanted to know when (ballpark) Push notifications would be available ? I saw discussions about implementation … was wondering if there was a rough approximate of date ?

or has this been tabled ?

thank you

@Robbie we don’t have desktop or mobile native push notifications yet but we do have email notifications. See "notifications"section here: https://help.aragon.org/article/17-home

ill be using that :slight_smile:


Im sure its been discussed but enabling diff wallets to integrate Aragon and cast votes from the wallet app would be handy :slight_smile:

that i suppose is coming ?


you can vote in any Aragon organization using any compatible Web3 browser, see e.g.

Maybe some wallets will enable to vote directly inside the wallet but it seems to be “re-inventing the wheel” to do that rather than just visit an Aragon organization and vote using the Aragon client. Although Status and MetaMask are wallets but also Web3 browsers so you can visit an Aragon organization in the Web3 browser and vote using the Status or MetaMask wallet.