Purpose of life after dao has been fully adoped?

I would like to know what all Aragon supporters and especially its founders think about the following:
Lets say we fast forward 50 years and play with the thought that DAO has replaced all need for humans to work. What will people do? My best guess is that seeking self growth will be the primal thing in life, whatever that might be for each individual. But since self growth is very elusive, self growth is a very important topic to discuss. People who not have a clear sense of purpose might fall if we rip them off everything they know about. What to do about this?

Also, if you have a clear sense of purpose that still would make sense after a full implementation of DAO share it here.

I think art will always have a purpose. For me art is a reflection of my current state of being which is highly individual from my perspective. Art is a way to discover ones self in a hones and pure way. the clearer the reflection the better the art. the better your skills the more varieties you can reflect yourself. coping art is not art for me because its not a reflection of yourself you just trie to copy someone else, but sure you can get skills out of it. art is communication with you consciousness and un-consciousness and your environment. everything is connected. there is no end no 0 only infinite small or big. you will never run out of thoughts. purpose can be everything you want to have sense. even doing noting is not doing nothing because there is not nothing. I think having a feeling of belonging is important. i think a community which empower each other and have fun together is important. sharing is a big part of purpose i think. Then getting hones clear feedback on this shared information and you have a useful feedback loop. This will change your perspective and you have change. Change in a certain direction (goal) is development. What is my goal? Do I need a goal? What if my goal is to let be? Then I can just be. Is this the purpose of life to just be? To return to the state where i don’t care like animals do? I don’t know. If there is a mighty AI which is looking after everything like a god we imagined exist in the medieval times. Then we can lose ourselves from our fears and only the imagination is the limit. If you don’t have to do anything to survive than nothing makes sense the hole purpose of life has to be redefined. Exploring 24/7

I’m not entirely sure where this idea came from; the concept of a DAO does not necessarily mean the end of work at all. It’s just a new way to organise in a more fluid and cross-border manner :slight_smile:

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