Purchase of Dappnodes to increase Aragon's decentralization (CFDAO Proposal)

I’m sure we all appreciate the awesome work being done by Dappnode (if you’re not familiar please visit dappnode.io).

After our recent meetings in Berlin it became clear that several factors are hurting both the scalability and the decentralization of the Aragon Network:

  • Infuriating Infura
  • Loss of access to the Aragon Client when the default Ethereum nodes hosting the Aragon client are down
  • Extremely slow propagation of IPFS files
  • No relayers for layer 2 apps such as voting, no set of validators integrally part of the network

I am writing up this draft proposal to make sure each flock team has at least 3 dappnode devices. Also kindly requesting one person from each flock team to state the number of Dappnode devices they already have (disclaimer: Aragon Black has none).
The price for one dappnode basic is approx 750 DAI inc tax and 1000 DAI for dappnode advanced (doubled ram and storage capacity). The proposal budget after evaluation of network needs could thus range from 4500 to 9000 DAI. The monies would be sent to each flock team lead in order to make the appropriate purchase.

By having a minimum amount of Dappnodes available we will be able to have:

  • Preferred nodes hosting the Aragon Client and core infrastructure
  • IPFS Pinning/Clustering
  • Caching solutions
  • Relayers for L2 apps
  • Sidechain Validators
  • Future L1 Validators

Preferably these nodes should be as spread out geographically as possible and their location kept secret.

A future AGP could mandate a minimum number of dappnodes per flock/nest/aa and the services that are required to be run to be of benefit to the entire network.

I eagerly await feedback on this first proposal!


Im generally not opposed to Flock/Nest teams running infrastructure, but not really a fan of it being a requirement. I’m also not sure what the devops requirements would be for the network/users to get value from this sort of thing.

I wonder if rather than trying to deploy hardware we could work on integrating something like https://www.pokt.network which is intended to coordinate and incentivize people to maintain and operate full nodes.

I’m in the same boat where I like the idea of more people running nodes, but for users to really get value from it I think it would require more robust hardware and monitoring for the nodes to be maintained and kept online and synced. Ideally power users would each have their own DAppNode and then invite colleagues, friends, and family to connect to it. But for more intense usage than that (hundreds or thousands of users connecting) it would require dedicated servers in a high bandwidth data center somewhere.

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I really like this proposal, I would add to have a process in place to request sponsor for running the Aragon infrastructure. It would be cool if we at Aragon Mesh are also able to request founding to run our own nodes :raised_hands:

On the other hand, I’m wondering the trade-off between a solution like Luke propose and having several community members running the necessary infrastructure. Considering that maybe at this point having 5-10 more nodes could be quite an improvement and eventually we can transition to a more scalable solution.

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