Proposed design for a DAO's home page within Aragon


The Organization Identity initiative relates to allowing a DAO to manage and showcase organization attributes such as a logo, organization description, manifesto, mission statement, member registries, and (eventually) external feeds.

The ultimate vision is that the DAO’s home page is a dashboard composed of a collection of widgets, which are customizable by the DAO. Updating organization information can be protected by role(s).

The initial proposal is presented below, would love to hear your feedback!

Design concept

Hide the traditional app navigation when on homepage (can access via hamburger)

Technical Architecture

Where does it live?

  • Similar to Permissions:
    • Contract: aragonOS
      • Auth controls for making updates to the content and other settings
    • Frontend: Aragon/aragon

DAO metadata storage

Defining membership to a DAO

  • Point the Membership Settings to a Token Manager instance deployed for the DAO (will require custom Token Manager for ‘unmanaged tokens’)

How does a user access it?

  • Either: via clicking on the DAO’s logo or Home tab in left nav (if we choose to keep it)

Widget Gallery

Different widget types that can be added to a DAO’s homepage. There should be the ability to add, update, delete, and rearrange sections. Each widget type will have a different schema.

  • App Event Streams
    • Each app can have an event stream
      • E.g. Voting app: Pending votes; Payroll app: New payroll; Rewards app: new rewards to claim, etc
      • Pushed upstream from apps and passed downstream to apps
    • Ideally there will be “quick actions” on the app widgets, to open the related action panel (and not simply navigate the user to the app)
  • Content Blocks
    • General: Announcements, mission statement, handbook
    • Reference (consumed by other apps): Manifesto, bylaws, code of conduct
      • Point of reference for Aragon Court jurors
    • Markdown text blocks, including support for embedding images
  • External Feeds
    • Socials, blog feed, forum link, recent forum posts
  • Membership Registry
    • Display user profiles based on token manager instance
  • Navigation Block
    • Allows DAO’s home page to have more than one layer (or page anchors, tbd)

Organization Settings

  • Profile (this content will especially important for ecosystem wide DAO discovery)
    • Organization logo / avatar
    • Organization name
    • Organization short description
  • Layout
    • Which widgets are displayed and in what position
    • Customizing the navigation block
  • Branding
    • Theme accent color
    • Theme background color
    • Dark or light mode
    • Background logo (must be SVG)
    • Cover photo
  • Content Blocks
    • Creating new content blocks
    • Editing the markdown of a specific block
  • Token Settings
    • Tokens that define membership
    • Token logo