Proposal: Uniting the DAO ecosystem


Create a shared grants DAO to fund work that has a collective shared benefit to the entire DAO ecosystem.

tldr; solve the DAO ecosystem’s own tragedy of the commons with its own tools


  • DAOStack 20 ETH
  • Aragon 20 ETH
  • MetaCartel 20 ETH

The collective value of being together is far greater than us working insolation.


  • Initially, all funds get matched funding from all sides
  • Uses a Moloch v2 DAO to manage funds (if any party believes that they aren’t getting value out of it, they can ragequit)

The focus of grants?

  • Educational material
  • DAO Hackathons
  • Events eg. DAO Rush Week
  • Research & analysis / community-wide surveys

If you are interested in this, join this telegram chat:


Interesting . .

Typo: “insolation”

Awesome to see this initiative! Feels rather in line with the latest initiatives of the DAO Alliance, where we have a lot of the leaders in the DAO space discussing DAO agnostic issues, accomplishments, and future community efforts with weekly calls and a consistent discussion in telegram. Again, would love to combine forces in organizing these efforts!