Proposal[TEMP CHECK] Introducing “Web3 UX” - A set of tools that simplify the development and use of Dapps


This proposal seeks to provide Aragon’s web3 developers with a suite of streamlined tools, featuring a user-friendly white-label wallet solution for seamless user onboarding, automated gas fee management, transaction notifications, and analytics without collecting user data, all aimed at enhancing the development and user experience of decentralized applications (dApps).


After dedicating over 7 years to navigating the complexities of the web3 landscape, particularly focusing on optimizing user experiences (UX) for both centralized and decentralized applications (Dapps), I’ve identified recurring challenges faced by virtually all Dapps. These challenges encompass facilitating smooth user transitions from web2 to web3, accelerating developer onboarding from web2 to web3 while maintaining productivity, addressing the intricacies of gas fee management through abstraction or innovative solutions like a user-refillable gas tank, ensuring robust seed phrase management and recovery mechanisms, delivering reliable transaction notifications via email, text, or webhooks, offering optional KYC integrations, and providing analytics without compromising user privacy.

Motivated by these widespread challenges, I am driven to develop a comprehensive solution within a unified platform, akin to the seamless experiences offered by web2. My strategy involves initially targeting the most pressing pain points experienced by platforms like Aragon and gradually expanding the feature set to encompass additional UX enhancements.

Drawing from my extensive experience as a founding engineer at both BlockFi and Parallel Finance, as well as my tenure as a smart contract engineer at Ocean Protocol, I bring a wealth of insights and expertise to the table. Furthermore, my recent acceptance into Techstars Web 2024 underscores my commitment to innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

I am eager to collaborate with the Aragon team to gain deeper insights into their specific pain points and user needs. By working together closely, I am confident that we can develop impactful solutions that elevate the overall web3 experience for all stakeholders.

Next Steps

  • Gather feedback from the community.
  • Figure out the greatest UX pain point that I can help solve for the community.
  • Narrow down the first feature to build and open a grant proposal.

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