Proposal of Website Translation and Discord Channel Moderator

Hello. My name is Manami Horii.
I took a look at Aragon’s website and discord, but I would like to make some proposal as follows.

Proposal Overview
・Translate the Aragon’s website into Japanese.
・Make a Japanese channel and become an ambassador or moderator of the channel in Aragon’s Discord.

Proposal description
We consider translating Aragon’s website into Japanese and making and moderating a Japanese channel in your Discord for expanding your DAO business.

Purposes and reasons for this proposal
We would like to spread your DAO to the Japanese and expand your DAO business in Japan. For fulfilling this, it is necessary to translate Aragon’s website into Japanese and to make a Japanese channel in Aragon’s Discord.
Many and many Japanese people are to pay attention to DAO, but most of them are not able to speak or understand foreign languages including English. As the image (Screenshot - 8c661d76fd5b1df18d152a815bbba8fc - Gyazo), Japan ranks 26th out of 29 Asian countries in terms of TOEFL-iBT score, which shows the low level of English skills of Japanese people.
Thus, the website is necessary to be translated into Japanese, and some Japanese channel should be created and managed by some Japanese person that is familiar with DAO and English in the Discord.

Information of funding or payment
Regarding this proposal, funding depends on the manuscript volume and your budget, so we would like to discuss this proposal with you at first.
It is very welcome to pay rewards by cryptocurrency such as ANT.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask us.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

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Welcome @COLORS2, thanks for the message here! We have actually just launched a number of bounties (one being translations):

If you want to jump in to discord and propose your self that would be the best place: Aragon 🦅

Look forward to meeting you in Discord.




Dear AlexClay,

Thank you very much for your response.
I checked the URL you sent, and now I am trying to nominate myself in the bounty-nominations channel. I hope I will be nominated and able to get translation tasks from the bounty.

I am looking forward to getting any translation jobs.


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