Proposal: Implementing a new payment tool (Parcel)

Current status
Since the Pre-Season we are working with Disperse as a way to handle the transactions on Gnosis Safe. This is a solution on top of Gnosis Safe which allows batching contributor payments with low gas fees.

Unfortunately the process of preparing these batch transactions is that it is not user-friendly and error intensive. There is manually editing of an external table which contains wallet addresses of the contributors and their compensation. In addition, it is only functioning as a manually payment distribution app. In other words, it does not provide any decent overview of the payments done and has no reporting function as well.

The solution would be implementing a new front-end payment interface. There are multiple possibilities in this regard, like:

  • SuperFluid (support continuous on-chain streaming of payments),
  • Parcel (aiming to be an easy all-in-one payment solution)
  • 0xSplits (a front end app for percentage allocation of grants/funds)

SuperFluid and 0xSplits are solving the problem of distributing funds in real time or with a certain percentage. This could solve a part of the aforementioned problems, yet it would be interesting to discuss the rational for a all round treasury management and compensation tool that already works with more than 500+ DAOs, Parcel

Rational to use Parcel instead of Disperse

  • Enables recurring payments which works as almost an autonomous solution for core contributor payments
  • Enables one-off payouts which is an excellent fit for a new expense request process
  • Enables to compile the DeWork transactions via Gnosis (for bounty holders) as well in its CSV upload and therefore it is easier to implement autonomous reporting (only require to build a “bridge” that extracts CSV data into reporting dashboard)
  • Easy to implement as Parcel is an interface on top of Gnosis Safe (which we already use)
  • Parcel provides more transparency in the payroll as they are for instance working on a feature where it is possible to see the total earnings of each contributor over the several guilds
  • Enable batch payments which significantly reduces gas fees
  • Sponsor deal: Parcel is happy to sponsor gas fees for 6 months with a $500 limit per month

Potential challenges and risks
Parcel is a fairly new tool and therefore not yet a complete all-in-one tool. However, Finance Squad interprets this as an opportunity to help shape the all-in-one tool and build a long term relationship with Parcel.

Next steps
Finance squad aims to implement Parcel as a fully operated DAO wide treasury management tool by the end of the season. As incremental implementation is better in terms of feedback loops. Therefore, Finance squad prefers to start onboarding 1 guild/squad (with 5+ members) that will be paid out via Parcel for payment of June (as a trial). @fmurphy @SpectraCryptoVerse @anukriti10 @Shawncubbedge

As always, it would be great to receive feedback from the community on this proposal.
Confirmation that are no blockers from a technical point of view would be excellent as well @voronchuk @nivida @p4u