Proposal for S2 of Gravity DAO mediation services (Aug-Nov)

Hello Aragon community!

In the name of Gravity DAO, with this proposal, I want to ask for support to continue providing mediation services, during the months of August, September, October and November of 2022, for all the Aragon contributors who may request assistance, and are willing to engage in following our proposed Alternative Dispute Resolution frameworks and processes. For this reason I’m making this post to the ESD (Executive SubDAO).


This proposal aims is to support the availability of conflict management processes for all the members the AN DAO. This services will be provided by Gravity DAO as a third party expert on Alternative Dispute Resolution, who will support with the identification of cases and their management through the facilitation of mediations, aiming to support getting to non rivalrous agreements between members of the organization who may be experiencing conflict.

You can call for conflict management support via: This typeform

And also contacting @fmurphy or @JuankBell directly to proceed with Gravity’s attention steps.

Funding Request: Gravity DAO Mediation Services

Gravity DAO request $1000 USDC per month to continue from S1 active mediation of all conflicts arising within the community S2 1 Aug -31 Nov. Our service deliverables are to

  1. register, review and assess, mediate and help resolve/mitigate conflict arising within the DAO
  2. inform the process to map the types of conflicts arising within the DAO
  3. deliver the end of season report as per S1

Although not a deliverable within this proposal we are happy to continue to support AN DAO’s efforts to build practical communication, error and conflict guidelines and work to coordinate with a single point of contact.

We count with @FMurphy as the AN DAO x Gravity DAO participating observer or active mediator in the Gravity process. Fintan within his Community Culture role would:

  1. maintain open 1:1 communication with Gravity
  2. work to embed mediation services in the onboarding/offboarding process and Community Guidelines
  3. raise awareness of the conflict mediation service within the AN DAO community
  4. report monthly in this forum in the following format

The conflict mediation timeline can vary based on the complexity of cases raised. As a guiding framework, we indicate the following information for the timely progression of the mediation processes, and the management of expectations on the conflicts managed by Gravity DAO.

Progression Review Within Assess Within Mediate Within Resolve Within
Simple 3 Days 1 week 1 month 1 months
Moderate 3 days 1 week 2 months 2 months
Complex 3 Days 1 week 3 months 3 months

Mediations normally tend to have a cap of 3 months to be resolved. When there is no agreement within that time period, the impact of the mediation gets shortened and the management of the dispute could escalate from a self composition mechanism, where the outcomes emerge from dialogue and compromise, to a hetero composition mechanism, that suggests involving a third party with authority to solve the dispute.

In Alternative Dispute resolution, there are different mechanisms proposed to build an escalation continuum. The first approach, where there is less formality and the lower costs possible, is a direct negotiation between the parties. When communication is not being fluid between the parties in a negotiation, a mediation is proposed, where a third party (in this case called Graviton) is assigned to facilitate communication and help to look for agreements, but without being involved in the direction of the decision being taken or the outcome of the situation.

After a period of 3 months, if there is no mediated agreement, the case can scale into an arbitration process, where the outcome of the conflict is to be decided by a group of delegates that are embedded with authority by the parties, to make a formal neutral decision. The main difference between arbitration and a judge or jury mechanisms, (even though in all of them the decision is external to the parties) is the capacity to enforce the implementation of a decision. Judges or jury processes are more costly and refer to laws or previous agreements (pegged to nation state systems) to impose the implementation of a certain outcome.

In the DAO and web3 scenery, Gravity aims to be able to support the usage of arbitration mechanisms like Aragon Court, by being a previous step to disputes that could scale until that decision making instances.

Gravity is requesting funding of $1000 USDC that would be payable on approval of monthly reporting. We look forward to continuing this journey with AN DAO.

We also extend an invitation to all Aragon contributors, to participate in the educational activities and trainings we offer, to improve competences on managing conflict, as relevant skills for our everyday life and work in web3 projects. Prevention and cultural awareness are key to build the fertile ground for dialogue.

  • Special Thanks to everyone who have supported Gravity DAO and its relationship with AN DAO

We are human, and conflict is inevitable. Although often resolved without mediation in some cases mediation may be the best path to restoring working relationships. Great to see a clear indication of timelines to resolve different types of conflicts, as requested.

This is a service the ESD has identified as an ongoing need. At the ESD General Meeting on 27 June there was an agreement to continue to fund Gravity DAO’s service so that people have access to dispute resolution services without the barrier of “who will pay”. @daniel-ospina @fartunov can you please reconfirm your position?

Strongly in favour of continuing the AN DAO x Gravity DAO partnership for the cost of only $4000 USDC.

1/3 Approved @Ricktik6


Nice to see this is being put out!
I believe conflict resolution is needed in every community and this will improve relationship between contributors within AN DAO.

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Thank you for sharing this proposal @JuankBell!
Could you share/confirm the wallet address where the 1,000 USDC per month needs to be send to?

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This proposal is needed IMO.

2/3 although pending clarification on reporting as the proposal states as deliverable an end-of-season report but then further below states the release of monthly funding is conditional on monthly reporting.

So basically the monthly reporting is missing from the list of deliverables?

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This is our ENS: Gravitydao.eth
(0xfFbD35255008F86322051F2313D4b343540e0e00) - Associated to the same multisig where we have received the previous payment from S1 in mainnet and where we manage our funding from the TEC in XDAI.

I’ll be glad to present a monthly summary of the cases. We keep our registry in a zenhub board for transparency. The flow of the issues are: open, in observation, and closed.


cc @daniel-ospina


  1. number and status of cases under mediation
  2. patterns or typical conflicts arising

all good by me, 2/3

cc @Ricktik6


3/3 support