Proposal For Community & Contributor Onboarding Research and Development

Great to see the progress made in the short 10 days since the proposed start date (20 Jan). Thank you for the update @Shawncubbedge. Keep collaborating and charging!

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Hey hey Shawn since this is 18 days old post that you edited, could you please share what’s the date as of which this status update is valid.

Of course! This update is valid as of Jan 28th. As of today i have completed the user journey, and begun working on a weekly onboarding call, along with advances in our work with Catapult (daolicious) and level1. I still havent heard back about funding for the statbot so when i recieve my first payment ill be paying for that out of pocket (~$9/month) so we can start measuring engagement within the community. As for the applications, we may not have to consolidate if we can clearly define paths for each of them. This is something im currently working with Lucas and the Daolicious team on.

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thanks for the update Shawn

February Monthly Reporting

In The Month of February, the following items were delivered

  • We have completed the Contributors Journey and have had our first contributor go through this process with great results. I will now be including this in the Weekly Contributors Onboarding call

– estimated completion: Ongoing

  • Statbot has been fully implemented. We have the premium version (being paid out of my pocket currently) Currently I’m working with Statbot Support on ironing out a few details regarding filtering results based on Roles within the Discord. Once I get some of the issues taken care of we can start getting a baseline for member participation within the Discord.

The following deliverables were progressed

  • We have begun the content for both Level1 and Catapult (DAOlicious) and have almost finished both. We should have a rough draft done by the 1st of March.

– estimated completion: Middle of March

  • Consolidation of Current Applications

– Catapult will take place of all applications once it is complete.

  • Today (2-22-2022) We had our first OnboardingxDAO Academy Guild meeting to discuss our current progress, our plans for Quarter 2, and how we can combine these initiatives.
    – estimated completion: End of March/ Middle Of April

The remaining deliverables are yet to begin

  • Mentorship Program- Currently we don’t have many established working groups to have Mentors in. As a solution to this, I and the people who took on the Onboarding/Greeting Bounty are taking on this role and directing people. We have created a greeting and follow-up process to help people understand their roles and who to talk to within the DAO.

Bounty Funding

According to the approved proposal, there was 5000 dollars allocated for bounties or a coordinate circle.
Last week @Blockchainlore completed 6 bounties totaling 300 USD. @jayesh also completed 6 bounties totaling 300 USD.
After these bounties, there will be 4400 left for future bounties.

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Hej, just a quick contribution for the eventually season two of this nice proposition:
Almost 9/10 of ambassadors are not participating; seems an issue that is addressed and implemented, however it can be also improved “from the other side”. Based on my experience a lot of group’s tensions derivates from feeling alone in the common effort. In that regard outboarding (or maybe lending) should also be considered to keep the group healthy (with a high energy level). In fact, some mixed feelings could occur between active ambassadors considering the passivity of others (in that sense it would be very interesting to read about the ambassadors’ interviews). This fact could lead to less motivation and eventually retaining others to engage. This is a subtle process as it necessitates to gently push passive ambassadors to take decisions based on auto-evaluation and reflexivity (it’s also less funky than onboarding). Let’s just remember that leaving a group it’s a difficult task for the individual because it’s easier to passively disengage than facing the process of leaving. However, I think it would be a shame not to consider the weight of people’s silence in group dynamics.
Hope italianenglish it’s understandable.


Excellent work @Shawncubbedge cool to see your team growing and that your progressing and looking to deliver items beyond the deliverables in the original proposal. With Q2 funding round drawing near, please do ensure costs such as Discord are included in the funding request so that you are not paying for expenses out of pocket. Some miscellaneous funding can be requested for these types of expenses.

Also interested to know the cost (one-off or ongoing?) for Catapult intergration and whether this will be included in your Q2 proposal or be a separate proposal by the Catapult team. For the catapult team, I would suggest a separate forum post so that they can make use of the forum to engage with the community. This can be referenced if it makes sense to keep the funding of onboarding projects within one funding request.

@AcidCavin raises a good point about offboarding, which imo aligns well with @mheuer upcoming umbrella proposal


Thank you Renee!
The cost for Statbot wasn’t expected, I’m really not worried about it though. It’s only 12 dollars a month. However ill be sure to include it in the proposal for next quarter.

Also, I talked to @b3n about the cost of Catapult. This will be ongoing funding as they are charging us per user that goes through the tool. So this will be something covered by Aragon and not needed in future onboarding proposals.

@AcidCavin , you make a great point. This is something I’ve added to the onboarding meeting to discuss and bring into our Q2 proposal planning. If you would like to join shoot me a message on Discord (shawnzywonzie#4546) and we can discuss when would be a good time for you.

Lastly, @lee0007 I’ve updated my monthly reporting to include an update to bounty funding status as requested. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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thanks for the revised update. Great progress!

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@lee0007 I was under the impression we already had @jayesh wallet info but he informed me today that he hasn’t given us this information.


This is @jayesh wallet info. Hopefully, I’m getting this to you in time for him to get paid this month. I’ll be reaching out in DMs as well for confirmation. I apologize for the miscommunication.

i like this post, thank you for sharing this information with us..

March Monthly Reporting

In March we have been focused on implementing the New Joiners Calls, helping onboard the latest bounty holders who need help understanding their place within the DAO, and the creation of the S1 proposal around Community Experience (Formerly Onboarding.) We completed the content for Catapult and Level1 which were the main projects remaining and we have been waiting for them to launch these tools.

The following deliverables were progressed

  • We have completed content for both the Level1 and Catapult projects.
    • Level1 just completed user testing and is ready to be rolled out pending the design for the NFT that is given to the people who complete the course.
    • For Catapult: We are currently getting Calendly links and specific channels to link to for the Contributors to set up meetings depending on their skills and desired working groups within the DAO.
  • We have almost finished the Proposal for the Community Experience Squad (formerly Onboarding) Currently we are just ensuring that we have specific deliverables that are in alignment with the rest of the DAO.

The remaining deliverables are yet to begin

  • Mentorship Program- Due to reasons previously stated in last month’s update this program will be included in the proposal for the Community Experience Squad for S1

Bounty Funding

$2000 paid to RayKanani for the process of setting up, user testing, and deployment of the Level1 project.

Wallet - 0xF6f15f6007F0703b4013317A1ee80ad4040Cf98E

$750 paid to each member of the Community Experience Squad for efforts around the creation of our S1 Proposal. Each of them has been attending 2-3 meetings/week and put even more time outside of those meetings to ensure we have a solid plan for the upcoming season. They have been doing this because it’s something they’re passionate about and I want to ensure we compensate them for their time, efforts, and overall dedication to the working group and DAO.

Blockchainlore - 0x1add50d7e889ad676ed50d17930ee790d784713c

iamcraftycarl- 0xeae65c628996f47914f37937d7bddbccb53f8fc2

CDogg- 0xFDcAED0d50026621B4eB07E74e5DBdcb9971688b

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Season 1 Report

Final Expenditure
Budgeted -$20,000
Actual- $19,850 (note: would have been 17850, however, instead of carrying over the payment for the Level1 project to season 1 I had it paid out of the excess I had for the preseason.)

Original Deliverables

  • Monthly forum updates -Completed Monthly
  • Monthly Community Call - Completed Monthly
  • StatBot- Complete 2-22-22
  • Mentorship program Unable to Complete Due to the current stage of the DAO. We have included this for our Season 1 proposal for the Community Experience Squad
  • Application Consolodation- Partially complete: as of 2-1-22 We took the existing applications and combined them into a single Airtable as a MVP until Catapult is finished.
  • A transparent user journey - Completed 2-15-22
  • Roadmap for Onboarding Implementation in Season 2- Rough Draft Complete as of 4-4-22 I will post a link to the Proposal once posted.

Additional Deliverables

  • Initially, the plan was to align with both the Catapult and Level1 teams to see if we would be able to use their tooling for our onboarding needs. However, we were able to do that and also complete all of the Content for both tools by 3-15-22. We are currently waiting for Level1 to implement an NFT and that will be launched in the first week of April. Delivery Date is TBD for Catapult (formerly DAOlicious) We are just waiting for them to work out a few kinks and launch the site. Alpha-version can be viewed here .

  • Implemented a New Joiners Call with 2 separate times every Wednesday.

  • Working with Bounty holders to implement a greeting and follow-up system to ensure new members have the information to be successful in the DAO.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in this initiative! As soon as our proposal for next season is posted I will comment here with a link. See you all in Season 1!


ESD General Meeting Monday 4 April UTC 1900: Our only remaining question is to seek clarification for the record. Can you provide a couple of paragraphs on

  1. Why the mentorship program did not continue by expanding upon “Unable to Complete Due to the current stage of the DAO”
  2. What work was instead undertaken. We expect these are the additional deliverables that may be better-deemed alternative deliverables.
  3. In what way the alternative work was undertaken to either replaces or supports the mentorship program

Thanks Shawn

Of course, sorry for not going into further details earlier! @lee0007 @fartunov @daniel-ospina

  1. For the majority of Quarter 1, the DAO did not have enough members in key roles to effectively get a Mentor Program off the ground. There were only 2 working groups and 1 guild that were really operating and none of them had any onboarding needs. So either they didn’t have someone who had time to be a mentor or there was no need for a mentii.

  2. So, In lieu of creating a mentor program, I effectively became the mentor. I was making sure to reach out to any new people and ensuring they either a) had all the information to do what it was they wanted to do and b) I was connecting them with someone to help them further whatever it was they wanted to do. In addition to that, I dug into the level1 and catapult (formerly DAOlicious) projects.

  3. As soon as I learned more about DAOlicous and Level1 I knew they would be a good addition to the onboarding workflow and could then later be used as a tool in a type of mentor program once the DAO as a whole was able to support such an initiative.

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Thanks for the insight Shawn you’ve shown to be an excellent mentor and leader in the DAO. Thank you for all of your efforts to support our community. By taking on the mentor role yourself and delivering additional work, while also supporting the work of multiple teams and collaborating on the New handbook which includes the New Joiner Journey I am more than happy to sign off on the success of this project. Great Work

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ESD General Meeting Monday 18 April UTC 1900: Unanimous agreement to complete funding


Yay! :smiley: