Proposal for a temporary Aragon Cooperative workflow

This proposal is now out of date and no longer relevant. Please see the Temporary Aragon Cooperative Workflow repo for an up to date version :slight_smile:

The Aragon Cooperative needs a regular and recurring process to approve work, verify that work, and release funds to compensate that work. That’s it. If we can’t approve, execute, and compensate work then we can’t do anything. It’s the foundation. Until that foundation has been built, everything else is a distraction. This proposal has 1 goal: to create a way for us to approve, execute, and compensate work. We can build from there.

Approving Work

During each week members of the Cooperative can present a proposal to do work that fulfills the deliverables outlined in AGP-40. This will involve a creating an Issue in the (future) workflow GitHub repo. The Issue will include:

  • the AGP-40 deliverable that you’d like to work on
  • the steps you’re going to take to move us towards shipping that deliverable
  • the amount of time you think that’s going to take

Throughout the week Cooperative members can comment on the proposal and it can be modified within the GitHub Issue.

At the end of the week those who have presented a proposal will create a vote in the Cooperative DAO for that proposal. During the weekend Cooperative members will vote on work to be done for the coming week. If work is approved it will be illegible for funding. There is no protocol enforcing this, so if you create a vote for your proposal sometime late Friday afternoon that’s generally ok. What we really want to wrap up decision making by the end of the weekend, This way people can start the week with clear goals and expectations.

Verifying Work

At the end of the week people/groups working on approved Issues will submit their results. This literally just means adding notes to the original proposal saying:

  • the AGP-40 deliverable that you worked on
  • the steps you actually took to move us towards shipping that deliverable and where we are now as a result
  • the amount of time it actually took

Funding Work

At the end of the week Cooperative members will vote to release funds for work that has been done. This means that funding is at the digression of the Cooperative. If you did your best, but encountered an unknown roadblock the Cooperative can still choose to compensate you for your time. If you wasted time the Cooperative can also choose not to fund that time. It’s really all up to the community.

This proposal is not perfect. I will be the first to say that I do not even like this proposal. Relative to the current situation, however, it is a huge upgrade. It is an upgrade we can implement with minimal tooling. It is an upgrade we can start using now. All it requires is a minimal level of engagement by Cooperative members.

Ultimately I want a system that allows us to thrive, not just survive. That being said, the current system, or lack thereof, is not working. It has been almost a month since AGP-40 was voted in, and there are only 3 more months before the next AGP vote. This means we have spent almost 25% of our time trying to manage ourselves internally, but have yet to define a formal process for decision making beyond ad-hoc voting. We are losing blood (energy, moral, and participation) at a rapid rate. This proposal is a band-aide to temporarily stop the bleeding. Hopefully this will allow us to focus our energy for a few weeks until we come up with something better.

I will submit this proposal (or a variation of it) to a vote on Wednesday May 22nd that will close by the end of the day Friday May 24th. This is a non-binding vote as it will merely be a question. If this passes, however, it will signal that the Cooperative would like to move forward and test this out this proposal. We could do that this next weekend of the 25th. This means that 1 week from now we could have clear goals and actionable plans to move forward on, together.

I welcome any comments/feedback.

Edit: it looks like votes on the Aragon Cooperative DAO are set to 7 days by default. This means that I will have to change the timeline of this proposal. To be honest though, idea of waiting a week to implement a dead simple plan is honestly kind of torture. I think it makes more sense to just roll it out as an opt-in framework, and then once the vote passes it can be officially adopted or not.

Edit 2: created a new Rinkeby DAO that can be used to test out this process immediately. It is live and all Aragon Cooperative members have tokens in it. We can use this to vote on work proposals over the weekend (there’s a 48 hour voting window), and then use the mainnet DAO to actually fund the work once it’s complete. The Temporary Aragon Cooperative DAO (temp) can be found here. If you’d like to start creating Issues to work on AGP-40 deliverables the GitHub repo is here.

Edit 3: This proposal is now out of date and no longer relevant. Please see the Temporary Aragon Cooperative Workflow repo for an up to date version :slight_smile: