Proposal: Changing Sub-DAO rewards

Hi @Ricktik6 , can you identify where this funding is drawn from S1.

As mentioned in today’s ESD General meeting it was decided by @lee0007 @daniel-ospina that we would proceed ourselves to a Main DAO proposal to update the Charter. We need a long-term fix as opposed to the multiple and mixed temporary solutions identified to date. I am yet to be fairly compensated for April May and have sort additional 7k of funding on the basis that it is approved ESD funding and avialable to all other S1 authors (TBD)

Thank you for your effort to help us move towards an imrpved incentive for ESD work. While 2k is fine during the off-season (see operational role outline here) it fails to account for the high season workload which is why the approved strategic development budget was requested

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