Project Promotion Question

Dear @tatu I need to know if could i post a topic to propose my Gaming-Based DAO Mayuyaland , and hear some sugestions from other members of the forum

If you’re exploring launching an Aragon DAO the forum is a great place to get feedback and help with your project :slight_smile:

Thanks! :grinning:

So. Which section is appropiated to do so?

I mean… depends on the context of the post? Do you want to just post it here, and then after reading I could provide a suggestion?

Yes, i wish to post it and let know people about the project. And if anyone can support us with sugestions. Here on this post i had been replied after requesting a help about how to launch a campaign. @stellarmagnet had shown a good idea for me i would like to see. Despite on the fact of i cannot instal Keybase in my office’s device, i will send an email for all members of the team.

Sure. Regarding technical questions I would point those to the teams that built the apps you want to use. Regarding feedback around the idea itself, I’d recommend posting to the Community category. Does that answer your question?

Yes, i’m already preparing a topic…