Prize for ANV-5 Futarchy Signaling Markets Competition

Please read about the ANV-5 Futarchy Signaling Markets launch first if you haven’t already!

To summarize, we will be launching markets that allow participants to bet on the future price of ANT, given the accept/reject outcomes of various ANV-5 proposals. These will be run on Ethereum mainnet.

Participants will receive an equal amount of collateral tokens. They will compete to see who has the highest balance after the markets resolve.

To make market participation a little more competitive and interesting, I’d like to propose a community funded prize pool of 2,500 DAI, paid out proportionally to participants based on their final collateral token balance.


Hey :slight_smile:

Sorry to see that this didn’t get more attention. ANV5 was crazy. Looking forward, however, are there more cool futarchy experiments in the pipeline?