Preventing catastrophic private key loss or theft?

If this idea has been discussed already - apologies for duplicate, please share the link and I’ll update my knowledge.

2019 “catasthropic” is sending funds on-chain. That’s pretty bad, irreversible. But a few years from now, as code will control more aspects of our life, the “catasthropic” term will evolve…

Say there is something like Uber governed by Aragon DAO. A private key is compromised and someone can update the software over-the-air - - and as a result, all cars with passengers crash into a concrete barrier at 100 km/h.

I am wondering if Aragon is planning to introduce functionality for organizations to mark a key as invalid / lost / stolen.

Maybe legitimate guys can vote towards removing such tokens? The threshold criteria could be:

  • take a snapshot of a block in the past
  • say compromised key had 25% of the tokens
  • the remaining 75% will need to pass some some really high treshhold, say 80% majority

The guy who lost the key would need to use off-chain channels to convince other token holders.

I will need to check the latest version 0.8, I’m really keen to see the progress…

A little bit related example - Augur escape hatch: (no more)

You can do this already. Tokens are burnable, you have always been able to use Aragon like a sophisticated multisig. 0.8 makes this much more powerful because you now have the agent app so you can interact with any smart contract directly from within the dao

Of course you thought of everything…

It can happen that the key that is lost / stolen is able to block everything but that’s poor DAO design distribution.