Practices: ways of working in the Aragon DAO

Hey everyone, this is Sam from the Comms team sharing our last TLDR of the weekly Aragon DAO discussion sessions.

Last week we discussed Practices.

Practices are ways of working established by guilds and team members. These include team rituals, meeting styles, compensation, intra-team authority/decision-making, and anything that falls under the operating system of your team (for more examples, check out the OS canvas.) Practices are not technically enforced in any way beyond “voting with your feet,” meaning that if more people like a practice, it would be more widely adopted.

Alex Myers, project manager for the App team and Agile coach, shared the Agile framework as an example of a practice. If teams want to adopt Agile as a way of working, they can choose to do so. However, there is no top-down enforcement of Agile, or any other practices, as a required way of working. But, if teams want to, they can seek out someone like Alex to coach them or offer advice in how to implement Agile in their team.

Guilds are great testing grounds for new practices, because they can quickly implement changes and validate if those changes were effective. This is much easier to do than implementing the change across the entire DAO (which isn’t enforceable anyway!). So, we encourage teams to experiment with the practices that work for them. To read more about how experimentation can work in guilds, read an article I wrote about it!

That’s all you need to know about practices! Post any questions below and I’ll answer them or find someone who can!