Porting Aragon to Substrate (Edgeware)

Greetings Aragonians-

As you may have imagined, it would be pretty swell to play with DAOs on a network with lower gas fees.

Edgeware is a Substrate blockchain, that is itself a DAO; similar to how Decred has kept improving itself through issuing grants.

The Edgeware community has been adding Ethereum compatibility, and lately the idea of porting Aragon’s contracts came up in the last DAO working group call.

Is this a good / bad idea? If so, why?

Has anyone heard of similar efforts being undertaken? (Well, besides Arachain :sweat_smile:)

If you’re interested in collaborating on this effort; drop a line.

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Glad to see this interest. AGP-35 voted to participate in the Edgeware lockdrop using a portion of signalled ETH funds. See Edgeware Participation Proposal for Aragon

That passed - so presumably there is clear alignment between the communities - Aragon can vote, participate in the governance of the chain and it’s projects, and earn rewards at this time. Would be great to see tooling over on Substrate, officially, but otherwise is good too!

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BrightID did that on their id chain

And I think 1hive on the xdai chain

Would then anyone on polkadot be able to create a dao? I guess it doesn’t matter on which parachain Aragon is running cause they all share the same security correct? Does Polkadot have native DAO tools?

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Good idea. I’m actually working on porting Aragon over to Edgeware EVM, with NewFutures. Come and contribute, My handle is “Ramsey (Decentration)” on Discord.

I’ve also been working on a “DAO chain” with Substrate, called DGov, where people can create collectives, with some interesting treasury mechanisms for the overarching DAO which is more like how a country manages treasuries. But have been working more in Edgeware community the past month.

Ohhh I hadn’t heard about BrightID’s idchain, thanks for the pointer.

Right now, Kusama is in the process of connecting to Polkadot as a parachain; I imagine Edgeware will come soon after. Once the contracts are deployed on either, and they are hooked up to a parachain, they should be able to interface with Polkadot.

In terms of tooling… from what i gathering, there is only barely functional multisig functionality available on Edgeware right now, through app.polkadot.js. Adding in DAO functionality is weighing on all of the substrate communities.

I will coordinate with @decentration with porting Aragon’s contracts over and UI… and have some budget to fund this development through my LexBridge proposal. Anyone reading this; feel free to reach out to @aitheric on Telegram if you’d like to join in the effort.