Platform Cooperativism Consortium

I received an email from Trebor Scholz, co-founder and Director of the Platform Cooperativism Consortium (PCC) requesting financial support for their 2019 activities. I thought it could be a good proposal to put forward to the newly approved Community Funding DAO. PCC is not directly related to Aragon or DAOs but is in the adjacent cooperative + platform economy space. I think there could be useful crossover potential between our communities.

Here’s a website with more info about what PCC is working on:

Given the budget of the DAO and the amounts PCC is requesting for funding I propose that the Community Funding DAO allocate 2000 DAI to PCC. If there is support for this proposal then I can ask Trebor if he would be willing to experiment in accepting DAI directly since it looks like the portal on their website will only accept card payments.

More info about supporting PCC:

Join the PCC’s Circle of Cooperators

Your annual contribution to the Circle of Cooperators supports the Platform Cooperativism Consortium (PCC).

You’ll receive early access to academic research through the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy (ICDE). In contributing to the PCC’s Circle of Cooperators, you will join with a premier network of researchers and cooperators dedicated to promoting a fairer and more just digital economy.

Cooperator contributions are acknowledged on the website, in PCC publications, at PCC events, in the PCC Annual Impact Report, and at PCC the Annual Platform Cooperative Global Conference, including the conference program.


Sounds great to me!

Yes, I think this sounds like a good idea!

@light do you have some idea of a plan for follow through to maximize the investment in the PCC community? For example are there any related community events Aragonians could participate in, a PCC forum we can join to further interact with them, etc?

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There is a big Platform Coop event happening in NYC in November:

It looks like there are a couple of ways to get more involved in PCC, one is by participating in PCC governance: and another is participating in the Platform Coop mailing list:

There might be other ways, I haven’t dug in further yet but can ask Trebor when I reach out to him about accepting DAI (waiting for others to chime in, thanks @stellarmagnet and @GustavMarwin for your feedback!)


Bumping this in relation to: How to make proposals to the Community Funding DAO