Personal DAO Tamplate

I’ve never built an Aragon app so I wouldn’t know :smile: maybe a dev who has built both Aragon apps and dapps outside of the Aragon client can chime in.

I never said it doesn’t but for example is a nice dapp with a clean and simple interface which makes sense to keep and maintain outside of the main Aragon client since the Aragon client has a lot of stuff unrelated to Uniswap that would detract from the UX for users who just want to trade tokens and not use an Aragon organization.

its just one button (swap)

sure i am just talking about personal daos and the portal to the web3. if you are into aragon then you want to manage everything from withing aragon. like when you have a mac book you just want to be everything apple (or have to?)

Personally, I don’t think of Aragon as a “portal to web3”. Aragon is one app among many that are Web3 compatible. Web3 providers like Frame and MetaMask are the Web3 portal imo. Using these tools I can access any Web3 app, including Aragon, or Uniswap, or ENS, or any other Web3 app. Using Frame + Agent my Aragon organization is also a first-class Web3 user and can interact with any Web3 app. I don’t have to convince dapp devs to build a bespoke, Aragon-specific version of their dapp. I just install Agent, connect it to Frame, and immediately have the whole Web3 ecosystem opened up to my organization.

Anyways like I said that’s just my personal view of things. It doesn’t have to be a debate. Do you, mouyou :slight_smile:

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I try to understand

In principle I’m supporting “meDAO” template.

You can buy shares in my DAO directly from here:

Thinking how to design :turtle::turtle::turtle: governance for self, check this example:

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What is meDAO tamplet?
could you use the fundraising app for that?

i like this dao templete, what you say.


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yes, you 100% can! Using a fundraising template is way better than most of the personal token implementations

  • the token will always have liquidity
  • the issuer cannot arbitrarily mint tokens or crash the liquidity pool (if parameterized correctly)

there are some major issues though

  • parameterizing the DAO requires careful thought and deep knowledge on the mechanism
  • the barriers to setting these up are high for those without a deep understanding of the components
  • the batching feature makes the UX far from smooth as do the number of transactions required to interact with the app
  • the template its self is not optimised for personal DAOs

However, there are a bunch of developments in the Aragon ecosystem that can be put together to make a compelling pattern for personal tokens

Market Place

1Hive have forked the Aragon Fundraising suite rebranding it as Marketplace. Marketplace accurately describes the main function, as fundraising is just a short initialisation period. but aside from a better name, Marketplace will also remove batching.

Conviction Voting

Conviction voting has some interesting properties that I think will work well in the context of personal token DAOs. if your not familiar with the concept of conviction voting this article by Giveth is a great intro and the 1Hive implementation is here


The largest barrier is the UX from the community/buyers perspective. The Aragon Client is essentially a management console for the DAO. Presenting this to your user is challenging, Plumbery is going to change all that allowing you to design a custom front end to your DAO. essentially you can build a web interface designed around the personal DAO/community experience. you abstract away all the scary crypto stuff (bonding curves, conviction etc) behind an intuitive interface and include on/off boarding with sendwyre.

if you guys @mars @Mouyou want to make that actually happen, I would be more than willing to help :slight_smile:

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so it would be possible to create a social network where each profile/person is a personalDAO?

personalDAOs are like the control hub for people to manage all their web3 activities and permissions and finance stuff and web3 subscriptions etc. does this make sense?


Totally makes sense and 100% possible. But like all good ideas its just that, an idea. It needs someone to execute on it. Aragon provides all the tools to make it work but they are just tools for someone like your self to use and actually build some cool shit with!

I like the idea of DAO network, has been thinking of it for some time. Among other things, we can build some truly novel governance mechanisms on top of it (one DAO one vote, votes weighted by AUM, etc).

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What is AUM?
How do you envision the network?

Why do I need a personalDAO (pDAOs)?
pDAOs are useful only with useful apps. Tools for Individuals (pDAOs) to manage all their web3 activities, their financial stuff (defi), their problems (disputes), voting, investing in projects, membership rights etc. (manage all online value/ownership stuff)

Why not just building a pDAO tamplet and aragon apps because the Aragon network is already there? Aragon is like Apple a secure DAO OS you can trust.

I would love to see those pDAO Aragon Apps bringing projects closer together so cooperation with each other gets much easier. So there are pDAO apps and normal DAO apps.

What is the difference between a pDAO app and a DAO app?
I think individuals need sometimes different interfaces then communities to manage their online values.

AUM is “Assets Under Management”, one of the metrics calculated by Apiary:

AUM (or Assets Under Management) tracks the total DAI value of ANT, ETH, DAI, SAI and USDC held by Apps associated with an Organization.

I see DAO network as a social network, like you suggested earlier, and I think that Apiary is a good starting point. All required building blocks are there, we just need to combine them in the right way and add a nice user interface. Some features that might be useful:

  • Visualization of mutual connections between DAOs (when DAOs hold each other’s token).
  • Tools for forming DAO alliances.
  • Gamification: more stats (like participation index), but also badges, labels (NFT-based).
  • Intergration of 3box profiles.
  • Some kind of messaging (or intergration with existing channels).
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That sounds nice.

so you suggest to personalize the stats from apiary so you can login in apiary and see your profile with all dao related information?

they say apiary is the coinmarketcap of DAOs. something like this

yes me too. my idea is to create apps for pDAOs. so you login into aragon with metamask or trezor or whatever and then you can create a pDAO with a tamplet. Some apps will be auto installed with the tamplet like the Profile app which shows stats, links and your activities from other installed apps or the Voting app where you can see all the votes from different DAOs going on based on the tokens you hold or the roles app where you see all the roles you have based on the tokens you own etc. and then you can install more apps like a investment app where you can stake tokens, invest or get credits all backed by aragon agreements and the court so people feel more secure to use defi. or you can install the network app where you can see all pDAOs profile and see which apps they installed and infos about how much money they own haha. I think the biggest difference between pDAOs and DAOs are the pDAOs are private from start and DAOs are public from start, because who wants to be as transparent as a public company? i don’t :slight_smile: so perhaps pDAOs stand for private DAOs. then there are ppDAOs private personal DAOs or just another name for private personal DAOs like myDAOs

Yes. It would be cool to see DAOs in which I’m participating, and other related info like current votes.

Unfortunately it’s not possible right now to create a genuinely private DAO as Aragon DAOs live on Ethereum blockchain and all their activity is public. Though it’s possible to not associate your personal DAO with your real-life identity.

it would be nice if a dao holds many contracts with different key and randomly sometimes the dao does an action with this public address sometimes with another. only the person who knows all public keys can see the picture like a puzzle. so everyone can see all peaces but you don’t know which peace fits together.

What is meDAO tamplet? .

meDAO or myDAO i think is a personal DAO for yourself to manage all your web3 activity. you are protected by the aragon court if the web3 services you are using are Aragon verified. You can manage your funds (balancerapp, uniswapapp, melonapp etc) you can protect your funds through recoveryDAOs, you can issue personal tokens like timeToken, you can vote on DAOs, you can join DAOs, you can work for DAOs, you can build up your reputation etc.

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I would love to see those pDAO Aragon Apps bringing projects closer together so cooperation with each other gets much easier. So there are pDAO apps and normal DAO apps.

are pDAOs private DAOs?
Why do pDAO Aragon Apps bring projects closer together?
Why do you have pDAO apps and normal Apps?