Personal DAO Tamplate

I was thinking about having a personal DAO from where i can manage all my personal assets. So I can have my personal DAO governance tokens, i can have a token which equals 1hour of my work, i can have a token which represents the assets in control of my DAO (like NFTS, Cryptos, IP rights etc.) and other tokens as well.

I can sell shares of my tokens if i need money like i could sell my hour tokens or people could invest in my asset token.

Especially the hour token is nice because time is money. Depending on my reputation my time has more or less value. is trying to do with labor hours. I could imagine having an Aragon App which is a marketplace to exchange time. If you want to hire me you need my time token. if you think my time will be worth a lot in the future just by my time tokens for hodl. Each time token is backed by my asset tokens. so if i don’t redeem the time token for my time i loose my asset tokens.

Also I could manage different accounts with my DAO. My DAO is like my web3 ID and every time i log in with DAO ID a new address will be created so i stay always pseudo anonymous.

I could give 3 addresses i own 33% of my governance tokens and have 3 differnet hardware wallets storing those tokens. I only need two hardware wallets to recover my DAO. I know I already can do that without a dao. Those governance tokens can be also hold by another DAO like a professional recovery DAO which is there to protect DAO governance tokens. Like a insurance and if something goes wrong i have the aragon court.

I think personal DAOs are nice and have potential

You could have personal Aragon Apps like decenetralized storage App (Storj App) where you can store your files and grant access to addresses via permissions. Or a Investment app where you can find new investment opertunities (Melon App) or a exchange App (Uniswap App) This is all possible with the agent correct? I see aragon as the portal to the Web3.


This is all possible with the agent correct?

In general you can use the Agent app to interact with any Ethereum contract the same as you can with a normal EOA (externally owned account). Agent alone is not enough to do everything you mention here, it sounds like you need a few extra tokens apps among other things but for interacting with third-party dapps Agent can do that.

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would it make sense for Melon or Storj or Uniswap to have an Aragon App?

I don’t think you’d need to, should just be able to use their dapps with Frame + Agent. Not sure what the advantage of a native Aragon app would be.

They cover the cost of developing the app and they could create nice features because it benefit the token holders of those projects (more users and part of aragon app mining)? And its reputable its orignial App :wink:

Well they wouldn’t necessarily get more users because Aragon users can already use these other dapps via Agent. So really they get the extra cost of maintaining this other app and not any benefit that I can see. Yes they become eligible for App Mining but that isn’t guaranteed to cover the cost of developing the app.

This is my personal opinion of it, of course if someone wants to develop a native Aragon app for these other Ethereum contracts they are welcome to.

why should anyone develope an app for aragaon ?

That’s a good question, maybe in cases where a tight integration with the client provides a better ux than a separate app outside of the client. But I think a lot of apps can probably be developed outside of the client and used by Aragon organizations via Agent.

Is it much more effort to create a Agent app instead of using the agent to interact with an app?

Why could the client not provide a very nice ux?

I’ve never built an Aragon app so I wouldn’t know :smile: maybe a dev who has built both Aragon apps and dapps outside of the Aragon client can chime in.

I never said it doesn’t but for example is a nice dapp with a clean and simple interface which makes sense to keep and maintain outside of the main Aragon client since the Aragon client has a lot of stuff unrelated to Uniswap that would detract from the UX for users who just want to trade tokens and not use an Aragon organization.

its just one button (swap)

sure i am just talking about personal daos and the portal to the web3. if you are into aragon then you want to manage everything from withing aragon. like when you have a mac book you just want to be everything apple (or have to?)

Personally, I don’t think of Aragon as a “portal to web3”. Aragon is one app among many that are Web3 compatible. Web3 providers like Frame and MetaMask are the Web3 portal imo. Using these tools I can access any Web3 app, including Aragon, or Uniswap, or ENS, or any other Web3 app. Using Frame + Agent my Aragon organization is also a first-class Web3 user and can interact with any Web3 app. I don’t have to convince dapp devs to build a bespoke, Aragon-specific version of their dapp. I just install Agent, connect it to Frame, and immediately have the whole Web3 ecosystem opened up to my organization.

Anyways like I said that’s just my personal view of things. It doesn’t have to be a debate. Do you, mouyou :slight_smile:

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I try to understand

In principle I’m supporting “meDAO” template.

You can buy shares in my DAO directly from here:

Thinking how to design :turtle::turtle::turtle: governance for self, check this example:

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What is meDAO tamplet?
could you use the fundraising app for that?

i like this dao templete, what you say.


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yes, you 100% can! Using a fundraising template is way better than most of the personal token implementations

  • the token will always have liquidity
  • the issuer cannot arbitrarily mint tokens or crash the liquidity pool (if parameterized correctly)

there are some major issues though

  • parameterizing the DAO requires careful thought and deep knowledge on the mechanism
  • the barriers to setting these up are high for those without a deep understanding of the components
  • the batching feature makes the UX far from smooth as do the number of transactions required to interact with the app
  • the template its self is not optimised for personal DAOs

However, there are a bunch of developments in the Aragon ecosystem that can be put together to make a compelling pattern for personal tokens

Market Place

1Hive have forked the Aragon Fundraising suite rebranding it as Marketplace. Marketplace accurately describes the main function, as fundraising is just a short initialisation period. but aside from a better name, Marketplace will also remove batching.

Conviction Voting

Conviction voting has some interesting properties that I think will work well in the context of personal token DAOs. if your not familiar with the concept of conviction voting this article by Giveth is a great intro and the 1Hive implementation is here


The largest barrier is the UX from the community/buyers perspective. The Aragon Client is essentially a management console for the DAO. Presenting this to your user is challenging, Plumbery is going to change all that allowing you to design a custom front end to your DAO. essentially you can build a web interface designed around the personal DAO/community experience. you abstract away all the scary crypto stuff (bonding curves, conviction etc) behind an intuitive interface and include on/off boarding with sendwyre.

if you guys @mars @Mouyou want to make that actually happen, I would be more than willing to help :slight_smile:

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so it would be possible to create a social network where each profile/person is a personalDAO?

personalDAOs are like the control hub for people to manage all their web3 activities and permissions and finance stuff and web3 subscriptions etc. does this make sense?


Totally makes sense and 100% possible. But like all good ideas its just that, an idea. It needs someone to execute on it. Aragon provides all the tools to make it work but they are just tools for someone like your self to use and actually build some cool shit with!