now live - now to get a TestNet DAO going .


I am still working my way through the videos and docs to get the project going that I mentioned in this post:

but now I have at least got a simple Jekyll web site going so I can start referring people to the project:

and blog the ideas for how I think the project should work as I get feedback from this forum.

I have some of my own people who are interested who I can point to the site but any feedback from Aragon people re help with tests on the TestNet would be greatly appreciated of course!


im @aaron in rocket chat, if you send me a pm we can organise a time to sync up and ill help you get your org set up

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@Aaron ,

Fantastic! I am out ATM but will connect up when I get home in a little while . .

@Aaron ,

I just installed rocketchat-2.15.3.x86_64.rpm but when I tried to run it I got this error:

$ rocketchat-desktop
Fontconfig warning: “/usr/share/fontconfig/conf.avail/05-reset-dirs-sample.conf”, line 6: unknown element “reset-dirs”

so I renamed that file which got rid of the warning but now the program startup just fails silently . .

How do you feel about having a secure video / audio chat with Jitsi instead?

You can use rocket chat in the browser

I’m also on keybase @aaronfosterreal