Pausing Aragon All Devs

Hi Aragonians,

Given the project’s recent switch to Discord, the chat’s increasing engagement, an increasing network of people and communities, and an increased understanding of (a mostly unchanging) aragonOS, we have seen this bi-weekly all devs call become less and less useful over time.

As Connect-based interfaces proliferate, those building on Aragon are also building their own communities, allowing Aragon-centric discussion to take a backseat to their own endeavours. Moreover, these users of our developer experience are now better served by other information sources, like newsletters and Github release notes, than a time-consuming in-person meeting.

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to these discussions over the last two years (!), as we adapted its narrative and content to first be around the Flock program and then towards showcasing demos from product teams across our community.

There is a lot of activity and builders in the ecosystem that lie outside of what we’ve been able to present in past all devs meetings. We’ve always wanted to give them a voice, but time and prioritization constraints have made it difficult for us to diligently coordinate, reach out, and give them presence.

While we’re stepping away from maintaining this call for now, the door is always open for community members to host their own updates or continue a community-wide discussion in our stead (let us know here or on Discord). In the mean time, we have some ideas to continue showcasing and recording demos through Discord, so see you there!