P2P Models Wiki: allows token holders to edit documents held within Aragon DAOs


An Unstoppable Wiki for the Right to Access Knowledge.

This Wiki dApp uses Aragon and IPFS in order to enable a distributed editable and permissioned wiki. Wikis like that are imperative in a world where Wikipedia is censored in some states.

Important: You need to be running an IPFS node on your computer in order to see and edit wiki pages. Install IPFS and initialize its daemon with ipfs daemon. It is needed even when visiting DAOs from aragonpm.org.


User Guide

Pages can be edited using markdown:

Many Pages

In the sidebar there are the wiki pages, and more can be created:

Page protection

A page can be protected, so only people or apps with the right permissions can edit it:

Use Cases

  • Unstoppable decentralized Wikipedia
  • Allow DAOs to host and manage their own bylaws and operating agreements
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