P2P Festival in Paris, France

Not sure if anyone in the community is planning to go there or even has heard about this event, so I’ll share it here in case it would be useful to someone.

Secretely hoping someone can represent Aragon. :slight_smile:


What do you like about this event and why would it be a good fit for the Aragon community?

(CC: @LouisGrx)

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Yay @HankLuangxay I’ll be there!

I will be on a “Will 2020 be the Year of DAOs?” panel on Saturday. @PhilH invited me and will be moderating it. I will probably attend on some other evenings as well, there seems to be really cool talks and crowd.

Do you plan to come yourself?


Please circle back and share if it gets recorded :slight_smile:

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I’d love to but I’ll be too far to attend. Glad you are going! If you have a moment I’d appreciate to know what you thought about the event. :slight_smile:

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Some talks will be recorded, but this panel will be in French :slight_smile:
Adoption requires local content! :wink:


Great. Look forward to checking it out. Please circle back and share once the talks are live :slight_smile: