Our new Nest proposal + Bug/Feature we found when building :) (PanAragon stage 0)

Hey there! We revamped our proposal for Nest based on the feedback by @LouisGrx @stefanobernardi.
We hope this can be reviewed, both by the community and the Aragon teams, as we have our Flock proposal in the pipeline for July’s AGP and it is calculated that the Nest deliverables (3 months tops, already started) will plug perfectly with the Flock start if this is approved on a timely manner. We have the team working already!

Here is the Nest: it is focused on two things - scalability L2 layer that makes transactions cheaper and a more secure voting system via a Substrate implementation, and secondly, on research and PoC of monetisation strategies to grow the value of the network and the token, and ensure a longer-term funds runway for the project/network.

Now to the fun part: while building, we found a bu…FEATURE :smiley: ! We made a report on GH and proposed fixes, we really look forward to feedback from everyone on all!

Have a great weekend!

cc @maria


Hello! Cool proposal!

Would this be app-agnostic or will it only work with the Voting app?

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Hey! thank you! For now we are focused on Aragon Core, not only the voting app so yes, app-agnostic for Aragon

The “Requirements” section of the request does not make sense to me. Why would you need:

  • Blog access on blog.aragon.org
  • Unrestricted use of the Aragon trademark
  • Publish access to aragonpm.eth
  • Access to Aragon servers and cloud infrastructure
  • Access to Aragon DNS and ENS domains
  • Admin/moderator access on aragon.chat, forum.aragon.org, and /r/AragonProject

Have any other Nest grants or Flock teams made similar requests?

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This grant is presented as a scalability solution to reduce Ethereum gas costs, but TX on Polkadot cost DOTs too. There’s no free lunch. TX on Ethereum are here now and work. Users can choose to pay them as they want and it’s relatively simple (albeit expensive and slow). On Polkadot the fees are unknown. Every application that enables state sharing between parachains has to pay DOTs to the relaychain to process the tx that transmits state data. Every bridge to external blockchains like Ethereum also requires DOTs to interact with. If your project is successful, it would require users, devs, or the DAOs themselves to purchase ETH and DOTs to use the system.

In addition, the moto of Aragon is “unstoppable organizations”. On Polkadot though, DOT holders can vote to remove any parachain at any time they want. Censorship (curation) is built into the governance protocol. Often times this is a good thing for the system as a whole, but it does not allow for “unstoppable organizations.” To take this even further, AFAIK services that transmit state between parachains or bridge to other blockchains are private 3rd party projects. They are under no obligation to process anyone’s tx if they don’t want to. They say they will, and economically they probably would, but if something contentious comes up or they decide it’s not profitable to serve certain customers there’s nothing forcing them to treat all tx the same. I think Polkadot is a brilliant piece of software, and I think this model makes a lot of sense for a lot of businesses and projects, but it doesn’t allow for “unstoppable organizations.”

Also in the grant you said:

  • “We want to focus on exploring the ways how this real-world DAOs can use Aragon platform and how this could help to monetise the Aragon platform and support the ANT.”

AFAIK ANT is supported by real use within the Aragon community. Why does ANT need to be “monetized” and what does that even mean? Can you please be a little more specific with your intentions here?

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Hi there nice to see you around here!

Yes this is basically on the template and most teams make the similar requests - of course, this is up to the Aragon team, and as long as we have 2) 3) and 4) we should be fine for Nest

Thanks for the comments. I’ll answer:

There are further ways to monetise a platform. The team has voiced concerns about this, and we are here to help them address this issue. I think this post by @ana_akropolis.io explains it furtherly, and in a very detailed way.

This takes into consideration as well, the team feedback by @LouisGrx:

Second issue:

Totally agreed, tx will cost everywhere - however, let’s think of Aragon’s wishes: they have announced that they were exploring Polkadot, however, as @LouisGrx mentioned in the last review of our old (now deprecated proposal)

Our intention is to work WITH the Aragon teams where they mentioned they needed it the most. They were researching on Polka, and PanAragon is doing this as well, so there is no harm to keep on researching.
However, the core of Nest is the Layer-2 Ethereum Scaling solution via Substrate. If during our research this proves more effective than Aragon’s plan of building the Arachain as a Polka Parachain, we will voice these conclusions.
The same applies to the already-known possible tradeoffs from Ethereum to Polkadot - we will include a comprehensive overview for Aragon + commznity to make the best decision for the project.

Let me know if you have more questions