Open, ESQ LLC (Hybrid Aragon Organization)

Hey everyone - :wave:

I recently had the pleasure to team up with another U.S.-licensed attorney, Robert Leonhard, to prove out an initial proof of concept for a “hybrid” Aragon organization situated between Ethereum and New York state: Open, ESQ LLC

I have sensed a need to get a firm start here, and this seemed like a flexible format for others to begin to see how digital organizations could launch with a familiar ‘limited liability’ counterpart to help secure their business relationships.

Specifically, here was our process in forming the hybrid organization to date:

(i) Deployed multisignature organization, currently hosted at: .

(ii) Approved form of LLC-DAO Operating Agreement based on prior PoC, as seen on our voting dashboard, that, among other human readable links, places membership interests and determination of LLC decisions into Aragon organization (Section 5).

(iii) Filed Articles of Organization with New York state and paid filing fee on behalf of company (selecting Bushwick Generator as LLC-DAO’s residence). Perhaps notable: these Articles make reference to mainnet Aragon org. and includes my personal Ethereum address in signature (not sure if there are other examples of this in the wild . . .)

(iv) Executed Operating Agreement on ( // drafting demonstration on my phone)

Altogether, we believe that this helps prove out in a real way how quickly hybrid organizations can be formed with the tools already online. As we work through our own paints points as an organization, we also aim to streamline much, if not all, of our operations through and produce open source tools to help parallel track these organizations in other jurisdictions, starting with these templates for anyone in this community to run with!

As this title suggests, I am humbly making a request for reimbursement of the $200 filing fee (200 DAI) that was required to register Open, ESQ as a domestic limited liability company in New York. < Filing Receipt >

That’s certainly a nice to have, but not must for this initiative to continue. Going forward, it would be pretty neat to hear what this Community would like to see from our organization, how we can improve our template for LLC-DAO, and really, anything else that can help us launch what is needed for the next generation of orgs. Cheers :v:

Ross Campbell
Open, Esq LLC


I think this would make sense for the Bounty DAO in terms of sizing. If not, I’m happy to personally reimburse it as it’s just too cool.


was thinking same re community fund / bounty. Agree also kinda cool :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for the note @stefanobernardi // I am reluctant to take personal funds :slight_smile: but really do appreciate the offer, as this was just a neat exercise for us to run too.

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Hi Ross, this looks like a great proposal for the Community Funding DAO. Low-cost, low-risk, and helps to prove out an interesting use case. I will be happy to support with my ANT when the proposal is submitted.


A humble request!

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Thanks everyone! We will keep you guys in the loop as we tinker and appreciate support for reimbursing the NY registration :v: Now working up some stuff here, and if anyone is local to Brooklyn, I will be haunting Bushwick Generator Wed./Fri. :computer: and welcome ideas, collaborations!


Reimbursement received!:money_with_wings:

Thanks Aragon fam // now, to do more stuff w/ legal daos :man_juggling:t2:


Quick update Aragon fam :wave::

(I) Open, ESQ LLC is open for business (:tada:?), and has cleared its first onchain engagement (denom. in DAI) assisting PoolTogether LLC using tools available via and (Finance tracking here!). Our initial goal is to explore radically low-cost options for early-stage businesses and online coops. to incorporate, as well as to figure out the relevant ‘painpoints’ between Web3 apps and legacy registry systems here.

(II) We minted a new member (now 3-strong), and are tracking contributions to our free LegalEngineering tools here, as well. Our initial thought is that we can reasonably award folks tokenized reputation in this emerging field of legal/tech practice (which seems to be getting traction with associate-level attorneys) – so, quite excited to test this out and very open to other ideas on how to reward and preserve contributions to this project!

(III) Our form of Operating Agreement received comment and review by The Brooklyn Project community, and we will likely issue an amended operating agreement in the next week or so!

Let me know if any questions or suggestions for this blockchain/legal project ~~~

Onward and out!