Open Enterprise is coming to mainnet next month, and we are looking for your help!

We are excited to announce that Autark will be deploying our newly refined, upgraded, and security audited Open Enterprise apps to Ethereum’s main network next month, during the week of Devcon.

Via AGP-73, Autark has budgeted money for bounties and we are looking for your help in our final sprint – such as for bug testing, squashing, or maybe even docs. Rewards will be allocated based on the results of a Dot Vote for all participants who decide to join the program and help in some way. Autark members will be the voters.

The rewards will be denominated in ANT, as we will be converting some of our DAI for this cause. Depending upon the number of active participants in this program, our budget is 2000-5000 DAI equivalent.

Join our #dao channel in our keybase community so we know that you want to participate! We will be sharing details there in the next few days for when the program will kick off and the terms of the game.

See you on mainnet in a couple of weeks!


Based on a lot of communications in the past few weeks, we felt some pressure to try to get to mainnet as soon as possible, but the week of devcon was unrealistic as we have still been in the middle of security audits and doing final polish and web3 integrations.

We will be releasing to Rinkeby this week, and want to go through a really good round of testing with the community. After that, we are happy to respond to any immediate user demands of publishing the apps onto mainnet.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and again please join the #dao channel in our keybase community if you want to help with the user testing program which will kick-off later this week.

I don’t like how this sounds, as I personally perceive a lack of ownership from it. OE is owned by Autark and you should be the ones most interested in launching and the ones best positioned to make an assessment as to when it will be ready for launch.

We can have the conversation about whether OE is delayed or not again, although I don’t think it would be productive as you seem to disagree that taking 18 months to deliver this is not being delayed.

In any case, super stoked about the launch and best of luck!

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Thanks Jorge, your opinion has been noted. I now know today that I shouldn’t perceive community commentary as pressure, and will accordingly provide target dates that are more grounded in the future. We had said Q4 2019 in AGP-73, which got approved by ANT holders after all, so I hope the community is still satisfied with our delivery.

I’m also really stoked for the launch, and glad you are too!

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