Only one toke is created for my organization

My organization is created but only one token is created for my organization. How can I increase supply of tokens for my organization.? Regards -ShilazTech

Link to the contract -

Hi @ShilazTech, have you read through the User Guide?

For increasing the token supply you use the token manager’s assign tokens feature to mint and assign additional tokens.

I am doing exactly as per your tutorial. When I go to assign new tokens then i get the message “The maximum amount of tokens that can be assigned has already been reached.” and there is no obvious way to mint additional tokens… Appreciate your help.

Hi @ShilazTech did you use the Multisig template when you created your organization? With the Multisig template only one token can be assigned per address. If you want tokenholders to be able to hold multiple tokens then you should use the Democracy template instead.

Can i update my organization to democracy now? if not can I delete this organization and create a fresh democratic organization?

Technically organizations cannot be “deleted” because they live on chain forever (at least until rent is implemented) but you can create a new organization and transfer any assets held in the old organization to the new one.

If you aren’t already, I recommend creating a few different organizations and poking around on the Rinkeby testnet before doing anything significant on mainnet. This way you aren’t risking real funds while you are in the testing and learning phase of using Aragon.