November retroactive incentivization

Proposal Summary:

A proposal to provide funds as a bonus for technical support work performed before the technical support guild was established.

Proposal description:

The proposal requests the Executive sub-DAO deliver a one time payment of $900 USDC for incentivization of tech support work performed in November. When the technical support proposal was created in December, it did not take into account services already performed the prior month. These services were performed in good faith while the Aragon Technical Support guild was being setup.

Proposal Rationale (How is this initiative adding value to the Aragon Network):
It allows the technical support guild to make good on work performed for Aragon support by the guild therefore not leaving an unfavorable view of the DAO for those who contributed in good faith.

Limitations and risks:

  • None

Duration, deliverables, and expected outcomes:

  • Immediate

Team Information

  • Brent Russell, - Head of Tech Support at Aragon Association

Strategic Alignment

Is this initiative aligned with the strategic objectives set forth by the Aragon Association and/or the AN DAO itself (if yes how, if no why)
Yes, it gives incentive for delivering services rendered to the DAO by some of the current members of the technical support guild.

Is this initiative symbiotic to the efforts of Aragon Association’s and/or other teams and initiatives contributing to the network (if yes how, if no, why)
Yes, this would be retroactive of the approved technical support proposal for Q1 2022.

Funding Information

  • The ESD will make direct transfers to the Disperse contract based on inputs provided by the guild steward, namely:
    • Total monetary value to be distributed, not exceeding $900
    • Distributions will be USDC or ANT token.
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@lee0007, @fartunov, @daniel-ospina

I support this proposal.The tech support team are doing amazing work and any activity undertaken in good faith should be honoured. Love how you are looking out for your team members @brent


Hey I thought this was approved and even scheduled @mheuer @AlexClay?
Neither the transactions to be scheduled here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Nor the scheduled transactions here: Aragon Govern - Optimistic Governance for DAOs

Refer to specific forum decisions so traceability and transparency is virtually non-existent

It’s been clarified - this is a new separate proposal - I am in support. Cheers!