Non fungible tokens in Aragon?

The main reason I want this is because Aragon Agent will get really interesting if you can issue, collect and use digital collectibles, collectible event tokens, and other similar NFTs.

You could also do more in terms of charity.

One example is that I want to start raising funds by selling memes on Meme Factory and collect those memes to use as event tickets, raffle tickets, mementos, and concert tickets. ALso, connecting to publicly known charity Dapps/addresses would allow publicly verifiable donations after raising funds this way.

Collecting NFTs within a DAO could serve so many purposes. Is anyone thinking about this, building, or doing this yet?


We don’t currently have the equivalent of the Finance app for NFTs, but I think with Frame’s Agent integration you can use an external interface like OpenSea to manage and trade NFT collectibles. This would likely also be the preferred way for an organization to interface with something like Meme Factory.

I’m very excited for this use case because I think curation and resale of digitial collectibles is a great example of a fully web3 native business model.

I’m not sure when the new version of Frame will be released, but we could compile from source and try out this flow. I expect there will be some rough spots as things stand right now, but would be a good test and provide good early feedback on the integration. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply Luke. How would we go about doing this? I’m not sure where to start and I would like to test it out and see if it works as I’m thinking.

You’ll need to install the agent app in an org:

Then you’ll need to install Frame from source using the 0.2 branch,

I don’t have time this week but could help you with the setup next week some time if you get stuck.

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