No efficient governance without community-curated knowledge networks

No efficient decision-making without community-curated knowledge networks

I think when making a decision it’s important to have all relevant content present. I suggest to have content relevant to the proposal organised in a graph structure and a infographic to fast consume the proposal. Both help to understand faster. Pro/Contra lists are helpful too with the highest upvoted arguments at the top.

We are living through the emergence of a new business category that doesn’t even have a name yet, but which I believe will become an important part of our digital lives: online communities at the intersection of content curation and knowledge management.

  1. Our feed-based information architecture is obsessed with the present
  2. We consume information recreationally, not as a way to achieve our goals
  3. Curation has been too focused on the information and not enough on the architecture; how we collect, store, augment, and utilize what’s already in our minds

The potential to build community-curated knowledge networks remains largely untapped. There are reasons to be optimistic; the economic feasibility of paid communities, a renewed interest in curation, a slow move away from big social, and an improved understanding of platform incentives. All combined, this will lead to communities that are more sustainable, aligned, and intentional.

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