NFT's and Sub-DAO's..also sovereignty

  1. Is it possible or will it be possible to offer “badges” to DAO member’s? (NFT’s)

  2. also, in addition to issuing an ERC-20 to denote membership to the central DAO …could we allow members to create sub- DAO’s … the idea is to allow members the opportunity to join voting clubs/organisations that are more specific to their interests however also being part of the information exchange from the central DAO they joined. …?

  3. will sovereignty of funds deposited in pool be possible where no vote is required to withdrawal to a depositors address ?

hope i made my question clear…


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Great questions. Out of curiosity, is there a specific context in which you would like to apply these mechanisms/features?

Not yet, but there’s a few teams thinking about how to make this possible. The Nest program has a request for a proposal to enable NFTs for memberships and subscriptions. This would probably also unlock the ability to just have badges and stuff.

Like MolochDAO? If so, then yes, Dandelion Orgs does provide that functionality.

Hope that answers your questions, but if not please try explaining again and I’ll try answering again :slight_smile:

Ok sweet ,yes answered my questions thanks !

so basically im just playing about with a few friends and we were voting on stuff …and i just started to want to add more functionality and expand… so i thought i’d ask. I guess we are playing around with a decentralised mutual fund/ messaging system to token holders

One other issue ive run in to ;
One member being of a certain faith recognised that he wanted to create a branch off the main DAO… and create a separate group under the same erc-20… basically he realised some of the investment ideas werent permitted to some traditional folks… and wanted to add a filter to what investments were voted on in "his " … i guess … “club”

ideally one erc-20 would be issued and one treasury. but you could have multiple investment Clubs that members could join that suited their investing ethics and risk tolerances.

im really just brain storming … im sure there’s loads of game theory pit-falls here

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whoops i think u answered my question about clubs with NFT’s

Interesting! How are you messaging token holders?

Also, is the DAO live in the wild (Rinkeby or Mainnet), and if so, could I check it out?

So like a Series LLC, but as an Aragon DAO template?

Well yeah i suppose the closest thing would be Series LLC perhaps … to be honest i had to google it.
id have one token denoting membership that token if revoked would remove an entity from voting but not from removing funds (keeping funds sovereignty) then have multiple NFT’s to denote membership to different information / proposals for investment/ investment clubs … the messaging system would be based off the erc-2365 push notifications so different wallet holders would know when a vote had been published or some content that they were interested in …based on their NFT’s held

i moved it off rinkeby so it on main … but like i said … i mean its just like a weekend thing i sometimes look at and is very amateurish. im an accountant not a coder etc

Oh… also i was wondering if there was a way to track the Dandelion Org and NFT’s/Subscription proposals ??

do i just track them on github?


Awesome! Where can we check out the DAO and learn more?

If you want to track the NFT/Subscription proposals you can watch the GitHub repo, but then you’ll get notified of all Nest repo updates. You can also just check back every once in a while to see the status of the Issue. Sorry there isn’t a better way to manage that.

thanks … ill def keep track of Nest. erm theres really not much to see hahah … its very very simple
although one weird thing ive just noticed is i cant see any of the votes signed off on (trx on ethescan seem to be absent) and there should be a few $ worth of eth in there… maybe im just being slow today : contract address 0x451988795E61299b8c69D6F1E46784097e22A2cB

Hey man ,

wow loads of cool developments! … i really like the look of Dandelion by the guys at 1hive

I already was playing with a main net DAO 0x517338dFc193535380a181Ba05CD298276dEe10F

Question: Do i need to deploy a new DAO to a new address or can i add and remove apps/contracts on my original DAO… if i could bolt on the Dandelion orgs set up for financials and rage quitting function … that would be cool :slight_smile:

You can totally add apps to a DAO that’s live in the wild, but it requires using the Aragon CLI.